DOI: 10.1055/s-00000012


Issue 12 · Volume 32 · December 2000 DOI: 10.1055/s-002-577

Original Article

Li, X. D.; Boppart, S. A.; Van Dam, ,J.; Mashimo, ,H.; Mutinga, ,M.; Drexler, ,W.; Klein, ,M.; Pitris, ,C.; L. Krinsky, ,M.; Brezinski, ,M. E.; Fujimoto, ,J. G.: Optical Coherence Tomography: Advanced Technology for the Endoscopic Imaging of Barrett's Esophagus
van Leerdam, M. E.; Rauws, ,E. A. J.; Geraedts, ,A. A. M.; Tytgat, ,G. N. J.: Management in Peptic Ulcer Hemorrhage:A Dutch National Inquiry

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Case Report

Eeckhout, G.; Vanstiphout, J.; Van Pottelbergh, I.; Leyman, P.; Vandervoort, J.; De Man, M.; Van der Spek, P.; Lepoutre, L.: Endoscopic Treatment of a Perforated Duodenal Diverticulum
Nakajima, T.; Konishi, H.; Tatsumi, Y.; Sakamoto, Y.; Yamane, Y.; Misawa, S.; Toyama, S.; Ochiai, T.; Kashima, K.; Konishi, E.; Tsuchihashi, Y.: Gastric Cancer Presenting with Extremely Rapid Growth: Unprecedented Morphologic Change in a Short Time and Endoscopic Estimation of its Doubling Time
Matern, U.; Aschendorff, ,A.; Krebs, ,A.; Kohlberger, ,E.; D. Rückauer, ,K.: A New Method for Extracting Wooden Foreign Bodies from the Upper Esophagus