DOI: 10.1055/s-00000012


Issue 06 · Volume 39 · June 2007 DOI: 10.1055/s-002-6789

Original article

Pohl, H.; Koch, M.; Khalifa, A.; Papanikolaou, I. S.; Scheiner, K.; Wiedenmann, B.; Rösch, T.: Evaluation of endocytoscopy in the surveillance of patients with Barrett’s esophagus
Eberl, T.; Jechart, G.; Probst, A.; Golczyk, M.; Bittinger, M.; Scheubel, R.; Arnholdt, H.; Knuechel, R.; Messmann, H.: Can an endocytoscope system (ECS) predict histology in neoplastic lesions?
van Kerkhoven, L. A. S.; van Rijswijck, S. J.; van Rossum, L. G. M.; Laheij, R. J. F.; Witteman, E. M.; Tan, A. C. I. T. L.; Jansen, J. B. M. J.: Is there any association between referral indications for open-access upper gastrointestinal endoscopy and endoscopic findings?
Giday, S. A.; Magno, P.; Gabrielson, K. L.; Buscaglia, J. M.; Canto, M. I.; Ko, C. W.; Clarke, J. O.; Kalloo, A. N.; Jagannath, S. B.; Shin, E. J.; Kantsevoy, S. V.: The utility of contrast-enhanced endoscopic ultrasound in monitoring ethanol-induced pancreatic tissue ablation: a pilot study in a porcine model
Sun, S.; Wang, S.; Ge, N.; Lei, T.; Lu, Q.; Zhou, Z.; Yang, A.; Wang, Z.; Sun, M.: Endoscopic ultrasound-guided interstitial chemotherapy in the pancreas: results in a canine model
Barthet, M.; Gasmi, M.; Boustiere, C.; Giovannini, M.; Grimaud, J. C.; Berdah, S.; and the Club Francophone d’Échoendoscopie Digestive (CFED): EUS training in a live pig model: does it improve echo endoscope hands-on and trainee competence?


Heresbach, D.; Ponchon, T.; on the behalf of the Healthcare Committee of the Société Française d’Endoscopie Digestive: CT colonoscopy in 2007: the next standard for colorectal cancer screening in average-risk subjects?

Expert approach

Kim, D. H.; Pickhardt, P. J.; Hoff, G.; Kay, C. L.: Computed tomographic colonography for colorectal screening


Ladas, S. D.; Novis, B.; Triantafyllou, K.; Schoefl, R.; Rokkas, T.; Stanciu, C.; Isaacs, P.; Willich, S. N.; Ronn, O.; Dremel, H.; Livadas, G.; Egan, B. J.; Boyacioglu, S.; Selimovic, A.; Pulanic, R.; Karagiannis, J. A.; Van Vooren, J. P.; Kouroumalis, E.; O’Morain, C.; Nowak, A.; Deviere, J.; Malfertheiner, P.; Axon, A.: Ethical issues in endoscopy: patient satisfaction, safety in elderly patients, palliation, and relations with industry

Case report

Letters to the editor

Cammarota, G.; Cuoco, L.; Gasbarrini, G.: Reply to K. Rostami et al.



Unusual cases and technical notes

Yen, H.-H.; Chen, Y.-Y.: Glutaraldehyde colitis