DOI: 10.1055/s-00000085

The Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgeon

Issue 07 · Volume 65 · October 2017 DOI: 10.1055/s-007-34973


Original Cardiovascular

Beckmann, Andreas; Funkat, Anne-Katrin; Lewandowski, Jana; Frie, Michael; Ernst, Markus; Hekmat, Khosro; Schiller, Wolfgang; Gummert, Jan F.; Harringer, Wolfgang: German Heart Surgery Report 2016: The Annual Updated Registry of the German Society for Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery
Pedrazzini, Giovanni B.; Ferrari, Enrico; Zellweger, Michael; Genoni, Michele: Heart Team: Joint Position of the Swiss Society of Cardiology and the Swiss Society of Cardiac Surgery

Short Communication

Welk, Blayne; Winick-Ng, Jennifer; McClure, Andrew; Dubois, Luc; Nagpal, Dave: Cardiac Surgeons after Vacation: Refreshed or Rusty?

Original Thoracic

Schweigert, Michael; Solymosi, Norbert; Dubecz, Attila; John, Joseph; West, Doug; Boenisch, Paul Leonhard; Karmy-Jones, Riyad; Ospina, Carlos F. Giraldo; Almeida, Ana Beatriz; Witzigmann, Helmut; Stein, Hubert J.: Predictors of Outcome in Modern Surgery for Lung Abscess
Evman, Serdar; Baysungur, Volkan; Alpay, Levent; Uskul, Bahadir; Misirlioglu, Aysun Kosif; Kanbur, Serda; Dogruyol, Talha: Management and Surgical Outcomes of Concurrent Tuberculosis and Lung Cancer
Gunay, Samil; Candan, Huseyin; Yılmaz, Rahsan; Eser, Irfan; Aydoğmus, Umit: The Efficacy of Platelet-Rich Plasma in the Treatment of Rib Fractures
Schulz-Drost, Stefan; Krinner, Sebastian; Langenbach, Andreas; Oppel, Pascal; Lefering, Rolf; Taylor, Dominic; Hennig, Friedrich F.; Mauerer, Andreas; the TraumaRegister DGU: Concomitant Sternal Fracture in Flail Chest: An Analysis of 21,741 Polytrauma Patients from the TraumaRegister DGU®
Dudek, Wojciech; Schreiner, Waldemar; Hohenberger, Werner; Klein, Peter; Sirbu, Horia: Forty-Two Years' Experience with Pulmonary Resections of Metastases from Colorectal Cancer
Luzzi, Luca; Marulli, Giuseppe; Solli, Piero; Cardillo, Giuseppe; Ghisalberti, Marco; Mammana, Marco; Carleo, Francesco; Spaggiari, Lorenzo; Rea, Federico: Long-Term Results and Prognostic Factors of Pulmonary Metastasectomy in Patients with Metastatic Transitional Cell Carcinoma
Haddad, Laura; Bubenheim, Michael; Bernard, Alain; Melki, Jean; Peillon, Christophe; Baste, Jean-Marc: The Interest of Performing “On-Demand Chest X-rays” after Lung Resection by Minimally Invasive Surgery

How to Do It

Rabiou, Sani; Younssa, Hama; Didier, James; Ibrahim, Magagi; Harissou, Adamou; Adakal, Ousseini; Sani, Rachid: A Simplified Technique for Drainage of Chronic Calcified Pleural Empyema