DOI: 10.1055/s-00035037

Methods of Information in Medicine

Issue 01 · Volume 44 · 2005 DOI: 10.1055/s-008-38292


Original Article

Lenz, R.; Buessecker, F.; Herlofsen, H.; Hinrichs, F.; Zeiler, T.; Kuhn, K. A.: Demand-driven Evolution of IT Systems in Healthcare
Michalowski, W.; Slowinski, R.; Wilk, S.; Farion, K. J.; Pike, J.; Rubin, S.: Design and Development of a Mobile System for Supporting Emergency Triage
Jaspers, M. W. M.; Gardner, R. M.; Gatewood, L. C.; Haux, R.; Schmidt, D.; Wetter, T.: The International Partnership for Health Informatics Education
Xu, Jie; Zhou, Xiaolin; Yang, Daping; Ge, Haiyan; Wang, Qi; Tu, Kang; Guo, Tiefang: Applying Informatics in Tissue Engineering
Contiero, P.; Tittarelli, A.; Tagliabue, G.; Maghini, A.; Fabiano, S.; Crosignani, P.; Tessandori, R.: The EpiLink Record Linkage Software
Quantin, C.; Binquet, C.; Allaert, F. A.; Cornet, B.; Pattisina, R.; Leteuff, G.; Ferdynus, C.; Gouyon, J. B.: Decision Analysis for the Assessment of a Record Linkage Procedure
Greiner, U.; Mueller, R.; Rahm, E.; Ramsch, J.; Heller, B.; Loeffler, M.: AdaptFlow: Protocol-based Medical Treatment Using Adaptive Workflows
De Lazzari, C.; Darowski, M.; Wolski, P.; Ferrari, G.; Tosti, G.; Pisanelli, D. M.: In Vivo and Simulation Study of Artificial Ventilation Effects on Energetic Variables in Cardiosurgical Patients
Ginter, J.; Blinowska, K. J.; Kamiński, M.; Durka, P. J.; Pfurtscheller, G.; Neuper, C.: Propagation of EEG Activity in the Beta and Gamma Band during Movement Imagery in Humans
Comani, S.; Mantini, D.; Merlino, B.; Reale, M.; Di Luzio, S.; Romani, G. L.: Integrated Software Suite for Magnetocardio-graphic Data Analysis