DOI: 10.1055/s-00000067

Seminars in Hearing

Issue 03 · Volume 42 · August 2021 DOI: 10.1055/s-011-51957 Hearing Aid Technology to Improve Speech Intelligibility in Noise Guest Editor, Joshua M. Alexander, Ph.D.

Review Article

Derleth, Peter; Georganti, Eleftheria; Latzel, Matthias; Courtois, Gilles; Hofbauer, Markus; Raether, Juliane; Kuehnel, Volker: Binaural Signal Processing in Hearing Aids
Jespersen, Charlotte T.; Kirkwood, Brent C.; Groth, Jennifer: Increasing the Effectiveness of Hearing Aid Directional Microphones
Andersen, Asger Heidemann; Santurette, Sébastien; Pedersen, Michael Syskind; Alickovic, Emina; Fiedler, Lorenz; Jensen, Jesper; Behrens, Thomas: Creating Clarity in Noisy Environments by Using Deep Learning in Hearing Aids
Balling, Laura Winther; Mølgaard, Lasse Lohilahti; Townend, Oliver; Nielsen, Jens Brehm Bagger: The Collaboration between Hearing Aid Users and Artificial Intelligence to Optimize Sound