DOI: 10.1055/s-00000028

International Journal of Sports Medicine

Issue 11 · Volume 42 · October 2021 DOI: 10.1055/s-011-51975


Nagayama, Chihiro; Burns, Stephen F.; Thackray, Alice E.; Stensel, David J.; Miyashita, Masashi: Postprandial Metabolism and Physical Activity in Asians: A Narrative Review
Blankenship, Jennifer M.; Rosenberg, Rebecca C.; Rynders, Corey A.; Melanson, Edward L.; Catenacci, Victoria A.; Creasy, Seth A.: Examining the Role of Exercise Timing in Weight Management: A Review


Sautillet, Benoît; Leprêtre, Pierre Marie; Schmitt, Laurent; Ahmaidi, Said; Costalat, Guillaume: Post-exercise Heart Rate Variability: Whole-body Cryotherapy vs. Contrast Water Therapy

Physiology & Biochemistry

Silva, Paulo Henrique Medeiros; de Brito, Leandro Campos; Cabral, Ludmila Lucena Pereira; Farias-Junior, Luiz Fernando; Browne, Rodrigo Alberto Vieira; Vianna, Lauro C.; Costa, Eduardo Caldas: Effects of Isometric Biceps Exercise on Blood Pressure in Adults with Hypertension

Training & Testing

Martinho, Diogo V.; Baptista, Rafael; Teixeira, Anderson S.; Duarte, Joao P.; Valente-dos-Santos, Joao; Coelho-e-Silva, Manuel J.; Santos, Amândio Manuel Cupido; Armstrong, Neil: Allometric Scaling of Force-velocity Test Output Among Pre-pubertal Basketball Players
Kostoulas, Ioannis D.; Kounalakis, Stylianos N.; Toubekis, Argyris G.; Kaniadakis, Antonios; Karagiannis, Anastasios; Mavraganis, Dimitrios; Karatrantou, Konstantina; Gerodimos, Vassilis: The Effect of a Surface Combat Swimming Training Program on Swimming Performance

Orthopedics & Biomechanics

Barden, Craig; Quarrie, Kenneth L.; McKay, Carly; Stokes, Keith A: Employing Standardised Methods to Compare Injury Risk Across Seven Youth Team Sports
Vignaud, Emeline; Menu, Pierre; Eude, Yannick; Maugars, Yves; Dauty, Marc; Fouasson-Chailloux, Alban: A Comparison of Two Models Predicting the Presence of Chronic Exertional Compartment Syndrome

Clinical Sciences

Liu, Che-Hung; Li, Li-Hua; Chang, Ming-Long; Kao, Wei-Fong; How, Chorng-Kuang; Lai, Jiun-I; Lin, Yen-Kuang; Chiu, Yu-Hui; Chang, Wen-Han: Electrical Cardiometry and Cardiac Biomarkers in 24-h and 48-h Ultramarathoners