DOI: 10.1055/s-00035026

Applied Clinical Informatics

Ausgabe 01 · Volume 13 · Januar 2022 · Kostenlose Probeausgabe DOI: 10.1055/s-012-52658

Research Article

Puccinelli-Ortega, Nicole; Cromo, Mark; Foley, Kristie L.; Dignan, Mark B.; Dharod, Ajay; Snavely, Anna C.; Miller, David P.: Facilitators and Barriers to Implementing a Digital Informed Decision Making Tool in Primary Care: A Qualitative Study
English, Eden F.; Holmstrom, Heather; Kwan, Bethany W.; Suresh, Krithika; Rotholz, Stephen; Lin, Chen-Tan; Sieja, Amber: Virtual Sprint Outpatient Electronic Health Record Training and Optimization Effect on Provider Burnout
Stettner, Steven; Adie, Sarah; Hanigan, Sarah; Thomas, Michael; Pogue, Kristen; Zimmerman, Christopher: Effect of Replacing Vendor QTc Alerts with a Custom QTc Risk Alert in Inpatients
Chan, Carrie T.; Vo, Megen; Carlson, Jennifer; Lee, Tzielan; Chang, Marcello; Hart-Cooper, Geoffrey: Pediatric Provider Utilization of a Clinical Decision Support Alert and Association with HIV Pre-exposure Prophylaxis Prescription Rates
Bangar, Suhasini; Neumann, Ana; White, Joel M.; Yansane, Alfa; Johnson, Todd R.; Olson, Gregory W.; Kumar, Shwetha V.; Kookal, Krishna K.; Kim, Aram; Obadan-Udoh, Enihomo; Mertz, Elizabeth; Simmons, Kristen; Mullins, Joanna; Brandon, Ryan; Walji, Muhammad F.; Kalenderian, Elsbeth: Caries Risk Documentation And Prevention: eMeasures For Dental Electronic Health Records
Touson, Jonathan C.; Azad, Namita; Beirne, Jennifer; Depue, Corinne R.; Crimmins, Timothy J.; Overdevest, Jonathan; Long, Rosalie: Application of the Consolidated Framework for Implementation Research Model to Design and Implement an Optimization Methodology within an Ambulatory Setting

Review Article

Letter to the Editor

State of the Art/Best Practice Paper

Tamposis, Ioannis; Tsougos, Ioannis; Karatzas, Anastasios; Vassiou, Katerina; Vlychou, Marianna; Tzortzis, Vasileios: PCaGuard: A Software Platform to Support Optimal Management of Prostate Cancer
Murugan, Avinash; Gooding, Holly; Greenbaum, Jordan; Boudreaux, Jeanne; Blanco, Reena; Swerlick, Arin; Sauer, Cary; Liu, Steven; Bhatia, Amina; Carter, Alexis; Burris, Meredith M.; Becker, Lauren; Abney, Lashandra; O'Brien, Sharon; Webb, Shane; Popkin, Melissa; Williams, Herb; Jennings, Desiree; Orenstein, Evan W.: Lessons Learned from OpenNotes Learning Mode and Subsequent Implementation across a Pediatric Health System

Special Section on Disparities, Biases, and Disinformation in Healthcare

Jonnalagadda, Pallavi; Swoboda, Christine; Singh, Priti; Gureddygari, Harish; Scarborough, Seth; Dunn, Ian; Doogan, Nathan J.; Fareed, Naleef: Developing Dashboards to Address Children's Health Disparities in Ohio

Special Section on Workflow Automation