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Issue 01/2013

Issue 07/2012

Issue 06/2012

Mahoozi, H. R.; Zittermann, A.; Hakim Meibodi, K.; Burchert, W.; Gummert, J. F.; Mirow, N.: Erdheim-Chester Disease in a Female Cardiac Surgery Patient

Issue 05/2012

Alozie, A.; Yerebakan, C.; Westphal, B.; Podbielski, A.: Bartonella quintana Endocarditis of the Tricuspid and Mitral Valves
Krumpolcova, M.; Durand, M.; Rossi-Blancher, M.; Heylbroeck, C.; Vanzetto, G.; Albaladejo, P.; Brichon, P.-Y.: Endobronchial Closure of Bronchopleural Fistula with Amplatzer PFO Device

Issue 04/2012

Issue 01/2012

Schreiber, Christian; Vogt, Manfred; Kühn, Andreas; Hörer, Jürgen; Samprec, Jelena; Zhongyun, Zhuang; Fengwei, Zhang; Lange, Rüdiger: Periventricular Closure of a Perimembranous VSD: Treatment Option in Selected Patients

Issue 08/2011

Färber, G.; Mühle, A.; Doenst, T.; Borger, M. A.; Mohr, F.-W.: Late Onset Takotsubo Cardiomyopathy after Mitral Valve Replacement
Schroeter, T.; Subramanian, S.; Lehmann, S.; Kempfert, J.; Misfeld, M.; Mohr, F. W.; Borger, M. A.: Dislocation of a Transapically Implanted Aortic Valve Prosthesis with a Functionally Bicuspid Aortic Valve and Ascending Aortic Aneurysm
Li, Y.; Mederacke, I.; Scheumann, G. F. W.; Baraki, H.; Wedemeyer, H.; Kutschka, I.: Simultaneous Mitral Valve Replacement and Liver Transplantation
Schiavon, M.; Marulli, G.; Zuin, A.; Nicotra, S.; Di Chiara, F.; De Filippis, F.; Fantoni, U.; Rea, F.: Endobronchial Valve for Secondary Pneumothorax in a Severe Emphysema Patient

Issue 07/2011

Issue 06/2011

Gabrielli, R.; Rosati, M. S.; Vitale, S.; Millarelli, M.; Chiappa, R.; Siani, A.; Irace, L.; Caselli, G.: Fatal Complication after Thrombin Injection for Post-Catheterization Femoral Pseudoaneurysm
Suzuki, H.; Sekine, Y.; Ko, E.; Sunazawa, T.; Iida, H.; Kishi, H.; Saitoh, Y.: Permanent Cerebral Bypass Approach for Lung Cancer Resection with Aortic Arch Invasion
Santambrogio, L.; Nosotti, M.; Palleschi, A.; Gazzano, G.; De Simone, M.; Cioffi, U.: Primary Pulmonary Glomangioma: a Coin Lesion Negative on PET Study. Case Report and Literature Review
Suzuki, H.; Sekine, Y.; Yamamoto, N.; Hiroshima, K.: Hemilaminectomy for a Dumbbell-Shaped Vertebral Hemangioma

Issue 07/2010

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Issue 05/2010

Issue 04/2010

Issue 03/2010

Issue 02/2010

Issue 01/2010

Issue 08/2009

Takenaka, T.; Yano, T.; Kouso, H.; Ohba, T.; Kometani, T.; Shoji, F.; Maehara, Y.: Long-Term Survival of a Patient with Type A Thymoma and Masaoka's Stage IV b: Case Report
Miura, N.; Shoji, F.; Kawano, D.; Morodomi, Y.; Ito, K.; Yano, T.; Maehara, Y.: A Pulmonary Sclerosing Hemagioma with an Increasing Uptake on PET
Moyer, H. R.; Ghazi, B.; Feliciano, D. V.: Sternoclavicular Joint Infection: A Case Report
Wei, B.; Steijlen, K. L.; Stewart, A. S.; Bacchetta, M. D.: Simultaneous Pulmonary Embolectomy and Aortic Root Replacement

Issue 07/2009

Issue 06/2009

Issue 05/2009

Torres, R. L.; Martins, L. K.; Picoral, M.; Auzani, J.; Fernandes, T. R. G.; Torres, I. L. S.; Ferreira, M. B. C.; Andrade, C. F.; Belló-Klein, A.; Cardoso, P. F. G.: The Potential Protective Effect of Low Potassium Dextran against Lipid Peroxidation in a Rat Lung Transplantation Model
Unosawa, S.; Hata, M.; Sezai, A.; Niino, T.; Yoshitake, I.; Minami, K.: Pulmonary Embolism with Myomatous Erythrocytosis Syndrome and Extreme Obesity

Issue 04/2009

Okur, E.; Baysungur, V.; Tezel, C.; Sevilgen, G.; Halezeroglu, S.: Lingual Inferior Segmentectomy for a 7-cm Pulmonary Arteriovenous Malformation
Afshar, M.; Kim, A. W.; Liptay, M. J.; Leyenson, V.; Wirtz, W.; Kahan, E.; Ries, M.: A 74-Year-Old Man with an Enlarging Pleural-Based Mass that was NOT a Mesothelioma
Gasiorowski, L.; Dyszkiewicz, W.; Piwkowski, C. T.: An Unusual Case of Giant Primary Mediastinal Liposarcoma

Issue 03/2009

Lee, Y. O.; Kim, D. H.; Kim, C. H.; Park, T. I.; Cho, S.: Rare Tumor of the Tracheobronchial Tree: Solitary Squamous Papilloma
Katakura, H.; Fukuse, T.; Shiraishi, I.; Hayatsu, E.; Nishijo, K.; Toguchida, J.; Nakashima, Y.; Wada, H.: Mediastinal Synovial Sarcoma
Galetta, D.; Petrella, F.; Borri, A.; Gasparri, R.; Spaggiari, L.: Vascular Catheter Mimicking Persistent Left Superior Vena Cava

Issue 02/2009

Achir, A.; Ouadnouni, Y.; Smahi, M.; Bouchikh, M.; Msougar, Y.; Benosman, A.: Primary Pulmonary Liposarcoma – A Case Report
Chang, Y.-M.; Huang, S.-C.; Chen, S.-J.; Chang, C.-I.; Chen, C.-A.; Wu, E.-T.; Wang, J.-K.; Wu, M.-H.: An Unusual Cause of Chylothorax after Norwood Stage One Reconstruction

Issue 01/2009

Divisi, D.; Di Tommaso, S.; Garramone, M.; Crisci, E.; Crisci, R.: Necrotizing Mediastinitis Linked to Boerhaave's Syndrome: A Surgical Approach
Camargo, S. M.; Machuca, T. N.; Moreira, A. L. S.; Schio, S. M.; Moreira, J. S.; Camargo, J. J. P.: Multiple Synchronous Bronchial Carcinoid Tumors: Report of a Case

Issue 08/2008

Kilic, D.; Findikcioglu, A.; Sahin, E.; Bilen, A.; Bakiner, O.; Hatipoglu, A.: Bilateral Trapped Lung with Concomitant Wermer's Syndrome and Cutis Laxa
Onen, A.; Karacam, V.; Eyuboglu, G. M.; Karapolat, S.; Sanli, A.; Ozer, E.: Primer Hydatid Cyst of Thymus: Report of a Case
Huang, T.-W.; Lee, S.-C.; Chen, J.-C.; Hsu, H.-H.; Cheng, Y.-L.: Cavernous Hemangioma of the Sternum

Issue 07/2008

Göksel, O. S.; Sayın, Ö A.; Çınar, T.; Toker, A.; Tireli, E.; Dayıoğlu, E.: Bronchogenic Cyst Invading Right Atrium in a 5-Year-Old
Alloubi, I.; Boubia, S.; Ridai, M.: Liposarcoma of the Pleural Cavity

Issue 06/2008

Mikroulis, D. A.; Didilis, V. N.; Konstantinou, F.; Vretzakis, G. H.; Bougioukas, G. I.: Catamenial Pneumothorax

Issue 05/2008

Miyoshi, K.; Nakagawa, T.; Kokado, Y.; Matsuoka, T.; Kameyama, K.; Okumura, N.: Primary Chylopericardium with Pulmonary Lymphedema
Katsenos, S.; Nikopoloulou, M.; Kokkonouzis, I.; Archondakis, S.: Askin's Tumor: A Rare Chest Wall Neoplasm. Case Report and Short Review

Issue 04/2008

Issue 03/2008

Amanatidou, V.; Mavrokosta, M.; Kourtesis, A.; Azariadis, P.; Tsilimigaki, A.: Cervicomediastinal Thymic Cyst - Report of a Case
Al-Sarraf, N.; Doddakula, K.; Nicholson, S.; Young, V.: Primary Carinal Sarcoma Causing Airway Obstruction

Issue 02/2008

Issue 01/2008

Issue 08/2007

Issue 06/2007

Issue 04/2007

Solak, O.; Esme, H.; Sahin, D. A.; Aktepe, F.: Giant Intraosseous Lipoma of the Rib
Huang, C.-S.; Hsu, H.-S.; Kao, K.-P.; Hsieh, C.-C.; Wu, Y.-C.; Hsu, W.-H.; Huang, B.-S.: Chylothorax Following Extended Thymectomy for Myasthenia Gravis

Issue 07/2006

Issue 05/2006

Ozaki, N.; Mukohara, N.; Yoshida, M.; Shida, T.: Cardiac Lipoma in the Ventricular Septum - A Case Report
Reinerth, G.; Konradi, D.; Rupprecht, H.-J.; Münzel, T.; Vahl, C. F.: Revascularisation of a Giant Coronary Artery Aneurysm in Suspected Incomplete Kawasaki-Disease

Issue 02/2006

Issue 05/2003

Issue 06/2000

Issue 04/2000

Issue 06/1999

Steidl-Bormann, C.; Dörffel, W. V.; Moebes, R.; Baumann, G.: Successful Streptokinase Lysis of a Right-Atrial Thrombus in a Heart-Transplant Recipient
Moro, H.; Takahashi, Y.; Hayashi, J.-I.; Ohzeki, H.; Nakayama, T.; Aoki, T.; Yagi, N.: Respiratory Insufficiency Caused by an Aneurysm with Multiple Vascular Lesions
Evagelopoulos, N.; Tossios, P.; Wanke, W.; Krian, A.: Tracheobronchial Rupture after Emergency Intubation
Sakata, S.; Yoshida, I.; Otani, Y.; Kawashima, O.; Kamiyoshihara, M.; Ishikawa, S.; Morishita, Y.: Carbon Dioxide Insufflation Aids Video-Assisted Thoracic Surgery in a Young Child

Issue 04/1999

Issue 02/1999

Yamagishi, T.; Ishikawa, S.; Yoshida, I.; Ohtaki, A.; Takahashi, T.; Ohki, S.; Morishita, Y.: Thoracoscopic Resection of Intrathoracic Vagus Neurofibroma
Böhle, A. S.; Dohrmann, P.; Mengel, W.; Schröder, H.: Acute Respiratory Insufficiency in an Infant Caused by a Tracheogenic Cyst
Torre, W.; Rábago, C.; Barba, J.; Sierrasesúmaga, L.; Baixauli, J.; Galbis, J.: Combined Surgical Approach for Sarcoma Lung Metastasis with Atrial Involvement
Gulbins, H.; Reichenspurner, H.; Wintersperger, B. J.; Reichart, B.: Minimally Invasive Extirpation of a Left-Ventricular Myxoma