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Lococo, Filippo; Cesario, Alfredo; Ricchetti, Tommaso; Rapicetta, Cristian; Paci, Massimiliano; Sgarbi, Giorgio: Lung Tissue Damage Caused by Heat Accumulation from Adjacent Laser Application: Surgical Implications
Oncel, Murat; Sunam, Guven Sadi; Yıldıran, Huseyın: Is Clipping the Sympathetic Chain Effective for Palmar Skin Temperature?
Weiland, Hans-Christian: Meglio e La Piccola Certezza Che la Gran Bugia” (The Little Truth is Better than the Big Lie) – Leonardo da Vinci Or: The Obligation to Say “Yes” and a Right to Say “No”
Hu, Bin; Xue, Fu-Shan; Shao, Liu-Jia-Zi; Tian, Tian: Diagnostic Value of Cholinesterase Activity for Postoperative Delirium
Petricevic, Mate; Biocina, Bojan; Boban, Marko; Zrno, Martina; White, Alexandra; Rotim, Cecilija; Subasic, Ante; Milicic, Davor: Clinical Relevance and Practical Value of Platelet Function Assessment Using Multiple Electrode Aggregometry during Extracorporeal Circulation
Petricevic, Mate; Biocina, Bojan; Mihaljevic, Martina Zrno; Boban, Marko; Samardzic, Jure; Konosic, Sanja; Ivancan, Visnja: Preoperative Prasugrel Discontinuation Management in Coronary Artery Surgery

Issue 04/2020

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Lo Torto, Federico; Turriziani, Gianmarco; Miraldi, Fabio; Carlesimo, Bruno; Ribuffo, Diego: Vacuum-Assisted Closure Therapy for the Treatment of Poststernotomy Wound Dehiscence in Neonates and Infants

Issue 06/2018

Russo, Marco; Nardi, Paolo; Saitto, Guglielmo; Bovio, Emanuele; Ruvolo, Giovanni: Focusing on Patient Subcategories: When Could We Expect a Suboptimal Late Result after Coronary Endarterectomy?

Issue 06/2017

Issue 05/2017

Oncel, Murat; Sunam, Guven Sadi; Yıldıran, Huseyın: Training with Video-Assisted Thoracic Surgery

Issue 01/2017

Issue 04/2014

Issue 01/2013

Baisi, Alessandro; De Simone, Matilde; Cioffi, Ugo: What Is the Best Treatment for Catamenial Pneumothorax?

Issue 02/2012

Lococo, Filippo; Cesario, Alfredo; Cusumano, Giacomo; Marra, Alessandro; Margaritora, Stefano; Granone, Pierluigi: Sleeve Lobectomy for NSCLC Treatment: A Simple Surgical Choice or a Mandatory Need in High-Risk Patients?

Issue 06/2010

Schreiber, C.; Hörer, J.: Invited Commentary

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Knaut, M.; Tugtekin, S. M.; Matschke, K.: Letter to the Editor

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Issue 02/2002

Maeda, K.; Ninomiya, M.; Moyairi, T.; Morota, T.; Kitamura, R.; Takamoto, S.: Mediastinitis after Percutaneous Dilatational Tracheostomy

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Issue 06/1998

Wollert, H.-G.; Müllejans, B.; Beholz, S.; Eckel, L.: Intraoperative Visualization of Coronary Artery Fistula Using Medical Dye

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Issue 04/1996

Zeplin, H. E.: Letter to the Editor

Issue 02/1994

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Issue 06/1990

Panzner, R.; Wollert, H.-G.; Hermann, M.; Taha, M.; Schischka, F.: Reperfusion Arrhythmias After Cardioplegia Using Bretschneider-HTK Solution

Issue 03/1987

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Issue 04/1984

Ebels, T.; Eijgelaar, A.; Homan van der Heide, J. N.: Early and Late Results Following Repair of Partial Atrioventricular (AV) Canal

Issue 06/1982