Category: Functional Organic Molecules

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Issue 02/2021

Arjona-Esteban, Alhama; Rausch, Anja; Vysotsky, Myroslav O.; Würthner, Frank: Merocyanine Dyes with Extended Polymethine Chains by Simple Two-Step Condensation Sequence
Widner, Florian J.; Kieninger, Christoph; Wurst, Klaus; Deery, Evelyne; Lawrence, Andrew D.; Warren, Martin J.; Kräutler, Bernhard: Synthesis, Spectral Characterization and Crystal Structure of Chlororhodibalamin: A Synthesis Platform for Rhodium Analogues of Vitamin B12 and for Rh-Based Antivitamins B12
Yan, Feng-Zhi; Shao, Yuan-Guang; Zhang, Zibin; Shen, Yan-Feng; Huang, Xue-Chun; Zhang, Pei-Ling; Li, Shijun: Synthesis of Catenanes from a BMP32C10-Based Cryptand Tuned by the Linkage Length of Paraquat Salts
Mei, Peifeng; Kurosaki, Ryo; Matsumoto, Akinobu; Yamada, Hiroko; Aratani, Naoki: One-Pot Synthesis of a Cyclic Pyrene Octamer from Two Bifunctionalized Pyrene Monomers