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Issue 06/2021

Issue 01/2019

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Issue 03/2019

Issue 04/2019

Leonardi, Marco; Estévez, Verónica; Villacampa, Mercedes; Menéndez, J. Carlos: The Hantzsch Pyrrole Synthesis: Non-conventional Variations and Applications of a Neglected Classical Reaction
Zhang, Xing; Du, Cong; Zhang, He; Li, Xiao-Cai; Wang, Yun-Long; Niu, Jun-Long; Song, Mao-Ping: Metal-Free Blue-Light-Mediated Cyclopropanation of Indoles by Aryl(diazo)acetates

Issue 05/2019

Issue 11/2019

Perin, Gelson; Nobre, Patrick C.; Mailahn, Daniela H.; Silva, Márcio S.; Barcellos, Thiago; Jacob, Raquel G.; Lenardão, Eder J.; Santi, Claudio; Roehrs, Juliano A.: Synthesis of 4-Organoselanyl-1H-pyrazoles: Oxone®-Mediated Electrophilic Cyclization of α,β-Alkynyl Hydrazones by Using Diorganyl Diselenides

Issue 13/2019

Thoke, Mahesh Bhagwan; Kang, Qiang: Rhodium-Catalyzed Allylation Reactions
Podyacheva, Evgeniya; Afanasyev, Oleg I.; Tsygankov, Alexey A.; Makarova, Maria; Chusov, Denis: Hitchhiker’s Guide to Reductive Amination

Issue 14/2019

Senatore, Raffaele; Ielo, Laura; Monticelli, Serena; Castoldi, Laura; Pace, Vittorio: Weinreb Amides as Privileged Acylating Agents for Accessing α-Substituted Ketones

Issue 16/2019

Issue 17/2019

Issue 04/2020