DOI : 10.1055/s-00000058

Planta Medica

Issue 09 · Volume 74 · July 2008 DOI: 10.1055/s-002-12952

7th Joint Meeting of GA, AFERP, ASP, PSE & SIF
Athens, Greece, August 3–8, 2008

Chairmen: Leandros Skaltsounis, Joel Boustie; Issue Editors: Leandros Skaltsounis, Prokopios Magiatis; Issue Co-Editors: Nikolas Fokialakis

Issinger, O. G.; Skjøth, I.; Bugay, J.; Sadokiewicz, K.: Screening of a natural compound library for potential protein kinase inhibitors
Oh, D. C.; Scott, J. J.; Poulsen, M.; Currie, C. R.; Clardy, J.: Discovery of new secondary metabolites mediating insect-microorganism symbioses
Colson, K. L.; Motti, C. A.; Neidig, P.; Fischer, C.; Hicks, J. M.; Tapiolas, D.: Automated natural product extract screening using 1H NMR
Pan, L.; Chin, Y. W.; Chai, H. B.; Ninh, T. N.; Soejarto, D. D.; Kinghorn, A. D.: Bioactivity-guided isolation of cytotoxic constituents of Brucea javanica collected in Vietnam
Oberlies, N. H.; Sy, A.; Graf, T. N.; Kroll, D. J.; Nakanishi, Y.; Wani, M. C.; Pearce, C.: Anticancer drug discovery from filamentous fungi
Mahady, G. B.; Caceres, A.; Veliz, M.; Perez, A.; Michel, J.; Locklear, T.; Doyle, B.; Pendland, S.; Orjala, J.: Ethnomedical investigation of plants from Central America for women's health
Vera-Ku, M.; Simá, P.; Méndez, M.; Moo-Puc, R.; Rosado-Vallado, M.; Peraza-Sánchez, S.: Analysis of medicinal potions currently used in the Mayan traditional medicine
Shikov, A. N.; Pozharitskaya, O. N.; Makarova, M. N.; Dorman, H. J. D.; Makarov, V. G.; Tikhonov, V. P.; Galambosi, B.; Hiltunen, R.: Examination of adaptogenic effect of infusions of Bergenia crassifolia black and fermented leaves in the forced swimming test
Sánchez-Medina, A.; Stevenson, P. C.; Habtemariam, S.; Peña-Rodríguez, L. M.; Corcoran, O.; Mallet, T. A.; Veitch, N. C.: Triterpenoid saponins from the cytotoxic root extract of Sideroxylon foetidissimum, an endemic Yucatecan medicinal plant
Floris, M.; Frau, G.; Masciocchi, J.; Mocci, G.; Palla, P.; Uras, V.; Rodriguez-Tomé, P.: Andhira: from biodiversity to chemo diversity – the database of Sardinian endemic plants and their molecules
Ishibashi, M.; Hosoya, T.; Tateno, C.; Arai, M. A.: Hedgehog signaling inhibitors isolated from myxomycetes and a Solanaceae plant
Wenner, C. A.; Wang, H.; Hill-Force, A.; Martzen, M. R.; Verneris, M. R.: Modulation of innate immune cell activation and function by Polysaccharide Krestin (PSK)
Gertsch, J.; Leonti, M.; Raduner, S.; Racz, I.; Karsak, M.; Zimmer, A.; Altmann, K. H.: Discovery of a novel cannabinoid in food
Milesi, S.; Lucas, C.; Marchant, M.; Laperdrix, C.; Lubrano, C.; Robin, J. R.: Research for plant active ingredients of cosmetic interest: Innovation process for a cosmetic company
Wölfle, U.; Laszczyk, M. N.; Huyke, C.; Simon-Haarhaus, B.; Scheffler, A.; Schempp, C. M.: The effect of a highly purified betulin-based triterpene extract on human keratinocytes and epidermal Langerhans cells ex vivo and in vivo
Krüger, D.; Gruber, L.; Angay, O.; Zeller, F.; Kelber, O.; Vinson, B.; Weiser, D.; Schemann, M.: New options for the treatment of functional gastrointestinal diseases with the phytomedicine STW 5
Abdel-Aziz, H.; Wadie, W.; Abdallah, D. M.; Kelber, O.; Okpanyi, S. N.; Weiser, D.; Khayyal, M. T.: Herbal medicine in bowel diseases: Mechanisms of action of STW 5 in colonic inflammation
Metz, J.; Bonaterra, G. A.; Kelber, O.; Kinscherf, R.; Traut, U.; Langlotz, S.; Weiser, D.: The aqueous willow bark extract STW 33-I has anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties comparable to Aspirin and diclofenac
Juvekar, M. R.; Bodhankar, S. L.; Sakat, S. S.; Wankhede, S. S.; Mali, V. R.; Juvekar, A. R.: Study of antihypertensive activity of Elaeocarpus ganitrus water extract in renal artery-occluded hypertensive rats
Cech, N. B.; Junio, H. A.; Tarney, K. M.; Cannon, R. E.; Graf, T. N.; Oberlies, N. H.: A role for non-alkaloidal constitutes in the antibacterial activity of Hydrastis canadensis
Tan, M. J.; Ye, J. M.; Turner, N.; Ke, C. Q.; Tang, C. P.; Chen, T.; Hohnen-Behrens, C.; Rowland, A.; James, D. E.; Ye, Y.: New Cucurbitane triterpenoids from bitter melon with potent antidiabetic properties associated with activation of AMPK
Van Heerden, F. R.; Lourens, A. C. U.; Schwikkard, S. L.; Smith, K. A.; Steyl, E.; Van Vuuren, S. F.: Anti-infective compounds from South African plants
Mulholland, D. A.; Crouch, N. R.; Randrianarivelojosia, M.: Phytochemistry and chemotaxonomy of the Madagascan Cedrelopsis
Strnad, M.; Kryštof, R. V.; Havlíček, L.; Swaczynova, J.: New anticancer drugs derived from plant hormones
Aliferis, K. A.; Materzok, S.; Paziotou, G. N.; Chrysayi-Tokousbalides, M.: 1H nuclear magnetic resonance fingerprinting of the responses of Lemna minor L. to xenobiotics
O'Neil-Johnson, M.; Garo, E.; Hu, J. F.; Starks, C.; Goering, M.; Raven, P.; Eldridge, G.: Advanced Analytical Technology as Applied to Natural Products for Drug Discovery: Segment Deux
Halabalaki, M.; Roumeliotis, I. T.; Giannopoulou, E.; Alexi, X.; Meijer, L.; Alexis, M. N.; Skaltsounis, A. L.; Garbis, D. S.: Pharmacoproteomic and toxicoproteomic study of the natural product Ebenfuran III in DU-145 prostate cancer cells using iTRAQ with 2D LC and tandem mass spectrometry
Joron, L.; Pease, S.; Burnett, T.; Vadolas, D.: Reversible adsorption of natural extract on polymeric resin
Md Salleh, L.; Rahman, R. A.; Selamat, J.; Rahmat, A.; Bimak, M.: Supercritical carbon dioxide extraction of bioactive flavonoids from Strobilanthes crispus
Willför, S.; Holmbom, B.; Eklund, P.; Sjöholm, R.; Smeds, A.: Effect of the extraction method on the lignan yield from different plant materials
Fomekong Fotsop, D.; Breteche, A.; Awang, K.; Bousserouel, H.; Litaudon, M.; Roussi, F.; Guéritte, F.: Towards the biomimetic total synthesis of Meiogynine
Epifano, F.; Genovese, S.; Menghini, L.; Sosa, S.; Tubaro, A.; Della Loggia, R.; Curini, M.: Topical anti-inflammatory activity of boropinic acid and of its natural and semi-synthetic derivatives
Wolfender, J. L.; Glauser, G.; Grata, E.; Rudaz, S.: UPLC-TOF-MS for high resolution plant metabolite profiling and metabolomics
Marti, G.; Litaudon, M.; Moretti, C.; Susplugas, S.; Grellier, P.; Thoison, O.; Hue, N.; Guéritte, F.: Role of LC/UV/MS2 in the search for antiplasmodial Polycyclic Polyprenylated Acylphloroglucinols
Matthias, A.; Merika, H.; Addison, R. S.; Bone, K. M.; Lehmann, R. P.: Bioavailability of Echinacea alkamides in human breast milk
Toselli, F.; Matthias, A.; Bone, K. M.; Gillam, E. M. J.; Lehmann, R. P.: Metabolism of Echinacea alkamides by human recombinant P450 enzymes
Baser, K. H. C.; Kurkcuoglu, M.; Demirci, B.; Ozek, T.; Tarimcilar, G.: Chemotypic variations of the essential oils of Mentha taxa collected in the Marmara region of Turkey
Rollinger, J. M.; Schuster, D.; Danzl, B.; Schmidtke, M.; Gertsch, J.; Radurner, S.; Schwaiger, S.; Langer, T.; Stuppner, H.: Target fishing for constituents from Ruta graveolens using a virtual parallel screening approach
Backlund, A.: Phylogeny and Chemography
Altei, W. F.; Picchi, D. G.; Barbosa, S. C.; Cilli, E. M.; Giannini, M. J.; Cardoso-Lopes, E. M.; Young, M. C. M.; Torres, L. B.; Giesel, G. M.; Verli, H.; Bolzani, V. S.: NMR studies, solid phase synthesis and MD/SA simulation as a tool for structural elucidation of new bioactive peptides from the latex of Jatropha curcas l
Molinski, T. F.; Dalisay, D. S.; Morinaka, B. I.; Quach, T.: Configuration of natural products: Liposomal circular dichroism (LCD) for acyclic stereocenters
Gliszczyńska, A.; Wawrzeńczyk, C.: Microbial transformation of nerylacetone by fungal strains
Messiano, G. B.; da Silva, T.; Nascimento, I. R.; Lopes, L. M. X.: Biosynthesis of antimalarial aryltetralone lignans from Holostylis reniformis
Clark, B. R.; Tennant, S.; Gill, J. H.; Lacey, E.; Capon, R. J.; Murphy, C. D.: Pyrrolylpolyenes from fungi: biosynthesis and analogue production
Kayser, O.; Julsing, M. K.; Vasilev, N. P.; Schneidman-Duhovny, D.; Koulman, A.; Clarkson, C.; Woerdenbag, H. J.; Ionkova, I.; Wolfson, H. J.; Bos, R.; Muntendam, R.; Jaroszewski, J. W.; Quax, W. J.: Bioconversion of deoxypodophyllotoxin into epipodophyllotoxin in E. coli using human cytochrome P450 3A4
Yimam, M.; Zhao, J.; Tseng-Crank, J.; Brownell, L.; Devaraj, S.; Jialal, R.; Jialal, I.; Rockwood, J.; Ma, W.; Padmapriya, A.; Jia, Q.: A novel standardized chromone extract (UP780) from Aloe regulated adiponectin production and improved insulin resistance
Bebrevska, L.; Foubert, K.; Hermans, N.; Vlietinck, A.; Apers, S.; Pieters, L.: In vivo antioxidative activivty of a Pueraria lobata root extract in a diabetic rat model
Londoño, J.; Creczynski-Pasa, T. B.; de Lima, V. R.; Silva, M. A. S.; Murakami, F. S.; Jaramillo, C.; Ramirez-Pineda, J. R.: Clean recovery of flavonoids from citrus peel: studying lipid-flavonoid interactions as a tool for understanding the antioxidant activity
Kennelly, E. J.; Protiva, P.; Yang, H.; Baggett, S.; Weinstein, B. I.: Mechanistic studies on anticancer benzophenones from Clusiaceae fruits
Ho, R.; TeaiI, T.; Girault, J. P.; Bianchini, J. P.; Lafont, R.; Raharivelomanana, P.: Nutraceutical interest of phytoecdysteroid in Microsorum species of French Polynesia
Luesch, H.; Liu, Y.; Taori, K.; Kwan, J.; Matthew, S.; Paul, V. J.: Bioactive natural products from marine cyanobacteria: new structures and modes of action
Grovel, O.; Kerzaon, I.; Vansteelandt, M.; Petit, K. E.; Biard, J. F.; Pouchus, Y. F.: Marine-derived Penicillium sp.: fungal diversity as a promising source of bioactive compounds
Carmeli, S.; Grach-Pogrebinsky, O.; Gesner-Apter, S.; Raveh, A.; Lifshitz, M.; Zafrir, E.: Biologically active cyanobacteria metabolites – Ecological and biomedical perspectives
Jimenez, P. C.; Wilke, D. V.; Takeara, R.; Ferreira, E. G.; Lotufo, T. M. C.; Pessoa, C. O.; Moraes, M. O.; Silveira, E. R.; Lopes, N. P.; Costa-Lotufo, L. V.: Bioprospection of cytotoxic compounds in the Brazilian endemic tunicate Eudistoma vannamei
Yin, J.; Wang, X.; Hu, D. I.; Liu, Z.: Studies on standardized extracts of Schisandra chinensis
Uddin, S. J.; Blake, T. B.; Wood, K. A.; Schmidt, K.; May, T. W.; Grice, D.; Tiralongo, E.: Investigations into the cytotoxic effects of Australian indigenous mushrooms
Paranagama, P. A.; Wijeratne, E. M. K.; Burns, A. M.; Marron, M. T.; Gunatilaka, M. K.; Arnold, A. E.; Gunatilaka, A. A. L.: Bioactive secondary metabolites from an Endolichenic Fungus, Corynespora sp. inhabiting the Cavern beard Lichen, Usnea cavernosa
Atia-tul-Wahab; Atta-ur-Rahman; Choudhary, M. I.; Nawaz, S. A.: Cholinesterase inhibiting Bisbenzylisoquinoline alkaloids from Cocculus pendulus
Droebner, K.; Ehrhardt, C.; Mueller, C.; Hrincius, E. R.; Büttner, M.; Ludwig, S.; Planz, O.: Early antiviral activity of CYSTUS052 against H5N1 influenza virus is more efficient compared to oseltamivir
Yongning, L.; Leven, M.; Kelber, O.; Butterweck, V.: Potential of St. John's wort as antistress medication
Bezerra, D. P.; Pessoa, C.; Moraes, M. O.; Montenegro, R. C.; Vasconcellos, M. C.; Menezes, J. E. A.; Pessoa, O. D. L.; Silveira, E. R.; Lima, M. A. S.; Henriques, J. A. P.; Saffi, J.; Costa-Lotufo, L. V.: Pharmacological and toxicological studies on anticancer properties of piplartine
Martínez-Vázquez, M.; Ramírez, T. A.; Salazar, J. R.; Parra-Delgado, H.: Nitric oxide production by several cytotoxic sterols and triterpenes
Goedecke, T.; Nikolic, D.; Lankin, D. C.; Powell, S. L.; Bolton, J. L.; van Breemen, R. V.; Pauli, G. F.: Chemical evaluation of cimicifugic acids and serotonergic activity of Cimicifuga racemosa roots
Momtaz, S.; Mapunya, B.; Houghton, P. J.; Edgerly, C.; Hussein, A.; Naidoo, S.; Lall, N.: Tyrosinase inhibition by extracts and constituents of stembark of Sideroxylon inerme L
Champy, P.; Escobar-Khondiker, M.; Bajin, I. N.; Yamada, E.; Lannuzel, A.; Laprévote, O.; Ruberg, M.; Höglinger, G. U.: Atypical parkinsonism induced by Annonaceae: Where are we yet?
Lima, C. F.; Ramos, A. A.; Pereira-Wilson, C.; Sousa, M. J.; Braga, P. S.; Fernandes-Ferreira, M. A. B. V.: Salvia phytomedicines: from the „salvãre„ properties to demonstration of some pharmacological effects