DOI: 10.1055/s-00000028

International Journal of Sports Medicine

Issue 11 · Volume 31 · November 2010 DOI: 10.1055/s-002-21412


Leite, R. D.; Prestes, J.; Pereira, G. B.; Shiguemoto, G. E.; Perez, S. E. A.: Menopause: Highlighting the Effects of Resistance Training

Physiology & Biochemistry

Botek, M.; Stejskal, P.; Krejci, J.; Jakubec, A.; Gaba, A.: Vagal Threshold Determination. Effect of Age and Gender
Castres, I.; Folope, V.; Dechelotte, P.; Tourny-Chollet, C.; Lemaitre, F.: Quality of Life and Obesity Class Relationships

Training & Testing

Coelho, L. G. M.; Ferreira-Junior, J. B.; Martini, A. R. P.; Borba, D. A.; Coelho, D. B.; Passos, R. L. F.; Fonseca, M. A. da.; Moura-Lima, F. A. S.; Prado, L. S.; Rodrigues, L. O. C.: Head Hair Reduces Sweat Rate During Exercise Under the Sun
Santos, E. L.; Novaes, J. S.; Reis, V. M.; Giannella-Neto, A.: Low Sampling Rates Bias Outcomes from the Wingate Test
Coelho e Silva, M. J.; Figueiredo, A. J.; Simões, F.; Seabra, A.; Natal, A.; Vaeyens, R.; Philippaerts, R.; Cumming, S. P.; Malina, R. M.: Discrimination of U-14 Soccer Players by Level and Position
Siegler, J. C.; McNaughton, L. R.; Midgley, A. W.; Keatley, S.; Hillman, A.: Metabolic Alkalosis, Recovery and Sprint Performance
Pierce, R. A.; Lee, L. C.; Ahles, C. P.; Shdo, S. M.; Jaque, S. V.; Sumida, K. D.: Different Training Volumes Yield Equivalent Increases in BMD
Colado, J. C.; Garcia-Masso, X.; Pellicer, M.; Alakhdar, Y.; Benavent, J.; Cabeza-Ruiz, R.: A Comparison of Elastic Tubing and Isotonic Resistance Exercises
Buchheit, M.; Mendez-Villanueva, A.; Simpson, B. M.; Bourdon, P. C.: Match Running Performance and Fitness in Youth Soccer

Orthopedics & Biomechanics

Reed, N.; Taha, T.; Keightley, M.; Duggan, C.; McAuliffe, J.; Cubos, J.; Baker, J.; Faught, B.; McPherson, M.; Montelpare, W.: Measurement of Head Impacts in Youth Ice Hockey Players

Genetics & Molecular Biology

Hanson, E. D.; Ludlow, A. T.; Sheaff, A. K.; Park, J.; Roth, S. M.: ACTN3 Genotype Does not Influence Muscle Power