DOI: 10.1055/s-00000012


Issue 05 · Volume 33 · May 2001 DOI: 10.1055/s-002-941

Original Article

Canto, M. I. F.; Setrakian, S.; Willis, J. E.; Chak, A.; Petras, R. E.; Sivak, M. V.: Methylene Blue Staining of Dysplastic and Nondysplastic Barrett's Esophagus: An In Vivo and Ex Vivo Study
Kozarek, R. A.; Raltz, S. L.; Brandabur, J. J.; Patterson, D. J.; Ball, T. J.; Gluck, M. G.; Sumida, S. E.; Roach, S. K.; Drajpuch, D. E.; Irizarry, D. L.: In Vitro Study and In Vivo Application of a Reusable Double-Channel Sphincterotome
Brand, B.; Wiese, L.; Thonke, F.; Sriram, P. V. J.; Jaeckle, S.; Seitz, U.; Bohnacker, S.; Soehendra, N.: Outcome of Endoscopic Sphincterotomy in Patients with Pain of Suspected Biliary Or Papillary Origin and Inconclusive Cholangiography Findings
Bergman, J. J. G. H. M.; Berkel, A.-M. van; Bruno, M. J.; Fockens, P.; Rauws, E. A. J.; Tijssen, J. G. P.; Tytgat, G. N. J.; Huibregtse, K.: Is Endoscopic Balloon Dilation for Removal of Bile Duct Stones Associated with an Increased Risk for Pancreatitis or a Higher Rate of Hyperamylasemia?
Külling, D.; Christ, A. D.; Karaaslan, N.; Fried, M.; Bauerfeind, P.: Is Histological Investigation of Polyps Always Necessary?

Short Communication


Clinical Case Conference

Case Report

Unusual Cases and Technical Notes

Viana, C. F. G.; Brunaldi, J. E.; Módena, J. L. P.: Foreign Body: An Unreported Association with Mucosectomy Scar
Katsinelos, P.; Christodoulou, K.; Pilpilidis, I.; Papagiannis, A.; Patakiouta, F.; Xiarchos, P.; Amperiadis, P.; Eugenidis, N.: Anal Leukoplakia: An Unusual Case of Anal Stenosis
Sanai, F. M.; Mohamed, A. E.; Karawi, M. A. Al: Dysphagia Caused by Plummer-Vinson Syndrome

Images in Focus

Tuncer, M.; Erzin, Y.; Celik, A. F.; Korman, U.; Mandel, N.; Oktay, E.: A Pill Turned into a Foreign Body in a Patient in a Hurry