DOI: 10.1055/s-00035024

Thrombosis and Haemostasis

Issue 02 · Volume 79 · 1998 DOI: 10.1055/s-007-35663

Letters to the Editor

Perry, D. J.; Daly, M. E.; Tait, R. C.; Walker, I. D.; Brown, K.; Beauchamp, N. J.; Preston, F. E.; Gyde, H.; Harper, P. L.; Carrell, R. W.: Antithrombin Cambridge II (Ala384Ser): Clinical, Functional and Haplotype Analysis of 18 Families
Kluijtmans, Leo A. J.; Heijer, Martin den; Reitsma, Pieter H.; Heil, Sandra G.; Blom, Henk J.; Rosendaal, Frits R.: Thermolabile Methylenetetrahydrofolate Reductase and Factor V Leiden in the Risk of Deep-Vein Thrombosis
van den Belt, Angelique G. M.; Bossuyt, Patrick M. M.; Prins, Martin H.; Gallus, Alexander S.; Büller, Harry R.; for the TASMAN Study Group: Replacing Inpatient Care by Outpatient Care in the Treatment of Deep Venous Thrombosis – An Economic Evaluation
Pacouret, Gérard; Barnes, Sarah J.; Hopkins, Gwyn; Charbonnier, Bernard: Rapid Haemodynamic Improvement Following Saruplase in Recent Massive Pulmonary Embolism
Selva-O’Callaghan, Albert; Ordi-Ros, Josep; Monegal-Ferran, Francesc; Martinez, Nuria; Cortes-Hernandez, Fina; Vilardell-Tarres, Miquel: IgA Anticardiolipin Antibodies – Relation with other Antiphospholipid Antibodies and Clinical Significance
Jonge, E. de; Levi, M.; Berends, F.; Ende, A. E. van der; Cate, J. W. ten; Stoutenbeek, C. P.: Impaired Haemostasis by Intravenous Administration of a Gelatin-based Plasma Expander in Human Subjects
Hanley, John P.; Jarvis, Lisa M.; Hayes, Peter C.; Lee, Amanda J.; Simmonds, Peter; Ludlam, Christopher A.: Patterns of Hepatitis G Viraemia and Liver Disease in Haemophiliacs Previously Exposed to Non-virus Inactivated Coagulation Factor Concentrates
Chang, Jen-Yea; Monroe, Dougald M.; Oliver, Julie A.; Liles, Darla K.; Roberts, Harold R.: Cloning, Expression, and Characterization of Mouse Tissue Factor Pathway Inhibitor (TFPI)
Cameron, Cherie; Notley, Colleen; Hoyle, Susan; McGlynn, Leslie; Hough, Christine; Kamisue, Seiki; Giles, Alan; Lillicrap, David: The Canine Factor VIII cDNA and 5’ Flanking Sequence
Kamphuisen, Pieter W.; Houwing-Duistermaat, Jeanine J.; van Houwelingen, Hans C.; Eikenboom, Jeroen C. J.; Bertina, Rogier M.; Rosendaal, Frits R.: Familial Clustering of Factor VIII and von Willebrand Factor Levels
Wright, D.; Poller, L.; Thomson, J. M.; Sidebotham, A.; Hirst, C. F.; Hirsch, P.: A Longitudinal Study of the Factor VII Rise during Pregnancy
Nakano, Masahiko; Furutani, Masayuki; Hiraishi, Sayuri; Ishii, Hidemi: Characterization of Soluble Thrombomodulin Fragments in Human Urine
Boneu, B.; Navarro, C.; Cambus, J. P.; Caplain, H.; d’Azemar, P.; Necciari, J.; Duret, J. P.; Gaud, C.; Sié, P.: Pharmacodynamics and Tolerance of Two Nadroparin Formulations (10,250 and 20,500 Anti Xa IU·ml-1) Delivered for 10 Days at Therapeutic Dose
Pawlowska, Zofia; Pluskota, Elzbieta; Chabielska, Ewa; Buczko, Wlodzimierz; Okruszek, Andrzej; Stec, Wojciech J.; Cierniewski, Czeslaw S.: Phosphorothioate Oligodeoxyribonucleotides Antisense to PAI-1 mRNA Increase Fibrinolysis and Modify Experimental Thrombosis in Rats
Burzotta, Francesco; Castelnuovo, Augusto Di; Amore, Concetta; D’Orazio, Andria; Bitondo, Rosa Di; Donati, Maria Benedetta; Iacoviello, Licia: 4G/5G Promoter PAI-1 Gene Polymorphism Is Associated with Plasmatic PAI-1 Activity in Italians: A Model of Gene-Environment Interaction
Herrmann, Stefan-Martin; Poirier, Odette; Nicaud, Viviane; Ruidavets, Jean-Bernard; Evans, Alun; Arveiler, Dominique; Luc, Gerald; Bara, Lucienne; Cambien, François: The Histidin-rich Glycoprotein Pro186/Ser Polymorphism Is not Related to Myocardial Infarction in the ECTIM Study
Tietze, Lothar; Elbrecht, Anne; Schauerte, Carsten; Klosterhalfen, Bernd; Amo-Takyi, Baffour; Gehlen, Johanna; Winkeltau, Gerd; Mittermayer, Christian; Handt, Stefan: Modulation of Pro- and Antifibrinolytic Properties of Human Peritoneal Mesothelial Cells by Transforming Growth Factor β1 (TGF- β1), Tumor Necrosis Factor α (TNF-α) and Interleukin β1 (IL-1β)
Zehetgruber, Manfred; Christ, Günter; Gabriel, Harald; Mundigler, Gerald; Beckmann, Renate; Binder, Bernd R.; Huber, Kurt: Effect of Antihypertensive Treatment with Doxazosin on Insulin Sensitivity and Fibrinolytic Parameters
Holme, Pål André; Solum, Nils Olav; Brosstad, Frank; Pedersen, Turid; Kveine, Marit: Microvesicles Bind Soluble Fibrinogen, Adhere to Immobilized Fibrinogen and Coaggregate with Platelets
Pulcinelli, Fabio M.; Sebastiani, Silvia; Pesciotti, Marzia; Pignatelli, Pasquale; Gazzaniga, Pier Paolo; Daniel, James L.: Nickel Enhances Collagen-induced Platelet Activation Acting by Increasing the Organization of the Cytoskeleton
Folsom, Aaron R.; Pankow, James S.; Williams, Roger R.; Evans, Gregory W.; Province, Michael A.; Eckfeldt, John H.: Fibrinogen, Plasminogen Activator Inhibitor-1, and Carotid Intima-Media Wall Thickness in the NHLBI Family Heart Study
Ohyama, Tadashi; Hori, Toshimitsu; Moriike, Mie; Asano, Taiji; Hayashi, Hideya; Iwade, Kazunori; Hosoda, Saichi: Anti-thrombotic Effects of CX-397, a Recombinant Hirudin Analog, in a Canine Model of Coronary Artery Thrombosis

Scientific and Standardization Committee Communication

Bröijersén, Anders; Hamsten, Anders; Eriksson, Mats; Angelin, Bo; Hjemdahl, Paul: Platelet Activity In Vivo in Hyperlipoproteinemia – Importance of Combined Hyperlipidemia
Jalbert, Louise R.; Rosen, Elliot D.; Lissens, Ann; Carmeliet, Peter; Collen, Désiré; Castellino, Francis J.: Nucleotide Structure and Characterization of the Murine Gene Encoding Anticoagulant Protein C
Kawasaki, Tomihisa; Sato, Kazuo; Sakai, Yumiko; Hirayama, Fukushi; Koshio, Hiroyuki; Taniuchi, Yuta; Matsumoto, Yuzo: Comparative Studies of an Orally-active Factor Xa Inhibitor, YM-60828, with other Antithrombotic Agents in a Rat Model of Arterial Thrombosis
Tripodi, Armando; Chantarangkul, Veena; Negri, Barbara; Clerici, Marigrazia; Mannucci, Pier Mannuccio: International Collaborative Study for the Calibration of a Proposed Reference Preparation for Thromboplastin, Human Recombinant, Plain
Rosendaal, F. R.; Vos, H. L.; Poort, S. L.; Bertina, R. M.: Prothrombin 20210A Variant and Age at Thrombosis
Rosendaal, F. R.; Vos, H. L.; Poort, S. L.; Bertina, R. M.: Prothrombin 20210A Variant and Age at Thrombosis
Rahimy, Mohamed C.; Krishnamoorthy, R.; Ahouignan, Gilbert; Laffan, Mike; Vulliamy, Tom: The 20210A Allele of Prothrombin Is not Found among Sickle Cell Disease Patients from West Africa
Bucciarelli, Paolo; Franchi, Franca; Alatri, Adriano; Bettini, Paola; Moia, Marco: Budd-Chiari Syndrome in a Patient Heterozygous for the G20210A Mutation of the Prothrombin Gene
Ames, P. R. J.; Nourooz-Zadeh, J.; Tommasino, C.; Alves, J.; Brancaccio, V.; Anggard, E. E.: Oxidative Stress in Primary Antiphospholipid Syndr ome
Ripoll, L.; Mazoyer, E.; Baudin, B.; Lacam, S.; Varsat, B.; Drouet, L. O.: Can High Plasma Ceruloplasmin Levels Cause Acquired Activated Protein C Resistance?
Reuner, Karl H.; Ruf, Andreas; Kaps, Michael; Druschky, Karl F.; Patscheke, Heinrich: The Mutation C677 → T in the Methylene Tetrahydrofolate Reductase Gene and Stroke