DOI: 10.1055/s-00035024

Thrombosis and Haemostasis

Issue 02 · Volume 61 · 1989 DOI: 10.1055/s-008-39996

Review Article

Original Article

Shebuski, R J; Berry, D E; Bennett, D B; Romoff, T; Storer, B L; Ali, F; Samanen, J: Demonstration of Ac-Arg-Gly-Asp-Ser-NH2 as an Antiaggregatory Agent in the Dog by Intracoronary Administration
Ginsberg, Jeffrey S; Hirsh, Jack; Turner, D Christoper; Levine, Mark N; Burrows, Robert: Risks to the Fetus of Anticoagulant Therapy During Pregnancy
Favaloro, Emmanuel J; Moraitis, Nick; Koutts, Jerry; Exner, Thomas; Bradstock, Kenneth F: Endothelial Cells and Normal Circulating Haemopoietic Cells Share a Number of Surface Antigens
Soute, Berry A M; Balland, Alain; Faure, Thérèse; de la Salle, Henri; Vermeer, Cees: In Vitro Carboxylation of a Blood Coagulation Factor IX Precursor Produced by Recombinant-DNA Technology
Thornton, J G; Molloy, B J; Vinall, P S; Philips, P R; Hughes, R; Davies, J A: A Prospective Study of Haemostatic Tests at 28 Weeks Gestation as Predictors of Pre-Eclampsia and Growth Retardation
Reilly, Thomas M; Knabb, Robert M; Chiu, Andrew T; Bradfute, David L; Timmermans, Pieter B M W M: Monoclonal Antibodies to Tissue-Type Plasminogen Activator which Prolong its Clearance In Vivo
Jackson, C; Ball, J; Peel, J; Lawry, J; Greaves, M; Preston, F E: DN 9693: A Phosphodiesterase Inhibitor with a Platelet Membrane Effect
Cucuianu, Mircea P; Rus, Horea G; Roman, Stefan; Mărcuşu, Codruţa; Spînu, Constantin; Manasia, Mihai; Niculescu, Florin: Tissue-Type Plasminogen Activator (t-PA) and Dilute Blood Clot Lysis Time in Nephrotic Patients
de Castellarnau, C; Cullare, C; Lopez, S; Bonnin, O; Montesinos, A; Guix, M; Rutllant, M LL: Prostacyclin and Thromboxane Production by Autogenous Femoral Veins Grafted into the Arterial Circulation of the Dog
Bertelé, V; Mussoni, L; Pintucci, G; del Rosso, G; Romano, G; de Gaetano, G; Libretti, A: The Inhibitory Effect of Aspirin on Fibrinolysis Is Reversed by Iloprost, a Prostacyclin Analogue
Hariman, H; Grant, P J; Hughes, J R; Booth, N A; Davies, J A; Prentice, C R M: Effect of Physiological Concentrations of Vasopressin on Components of the Fibrinolytic System
McCulloch, P; Douglas, J; Lowe, G D O; Murray, G; George, W D: In Vivo Measurements of Fibrin Formation and Fibrinolysis in Operable Breast Cancer

Letter to the Editor

Bingham, Stephen F; Collins, Joseph F; Weiss, David G; Williford, William O; Krol, William F: Signficance: Clinical or Statistical?
Joseph, Rajiv; Han, Enji; Grunfeld, S; Welch, K M A: Dimethyl Sulfoxide and Stimulation of Platelet Cytoplasmic Ionized Calcium