DOI: 10.1055/s-00035024

Thrombosis and Haemostasis

Issue 07 · Volume 62 · 1989 DOI: 10.1055/s-008-40015

Original Article

Cruickshank, M K; Levine, M N; Hirsh, J; Turpie, A G G; Powers, P; Jay, R; Gent, M: An Evaluation of Impedance Plethysmography and 125I-Fibrinogen Leg Scanning in Patients following Hip Surgery
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Jackson, Shaun P; Jane, Stephen M; Mitchell, Christina A; Fernando Cortizo, W; Hau, Lena; Pfueller, Sharron L; Salem, Hatem H: Arterial Thrombosis Associated with Immune Thrombocytopenia: Presence of a Platelet Aggregating IgG Synergistic with Thrombin and Adrenalin
Ádány, Róza; Kappelmayer, János; Berényi, Ernö; Szegedi, Andrea; Fábián, Erzsébet; Muszbek, László: Factors of the Extrinsic Pathway of Blood Coagulation in Tumour Associated Macrophages
Sandset, P M; Høgevold, H E; Lyberg, T; Andersson, T R; Abildgaard, U: Extrinsic Pathway Inhibitor in Elective Surgery: A Comparison with other Coagulation Inhibitors
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Barrowcliffe, T W; Marshall, Dianne E; Trickett, Lynne P; Hubbard, A R; Gray, Elaine; Thorpe, R: Procoagulant Activity of T Lymphoblastoid Cells in Extrinsic and Intrinsic Coagulation Systems
Ploos van Amstel, Hans K; Reitsma, Pieter H; Hamulyák, Karly; Die-Smulders, Christine E M de; Mannucci, Pier M; Bertina, Rogier M: A Mutation in the Protein S Pseudogene Is Linked to Protein S Deficiency in a Thrombophilic Family
Greffe, Brian S; Manco-Johnson, Marilyn J; Marlar, Richard A: Molecular Forms of Human Protein C: Comparison and Distribution in Human Adult Plasma
Sarubbi, Edoardo; Nolli, M Luisa; Robbiati, Federico; Soffientini, Adolfo; Parenti, Franco; Cassani, Giovanni: The Differential Glycosylation of Human Pro-Urokinase from Various Recombinant Mammalian Cell Lines Does Not Affect Activity and Binding to PAI-1
Corti, Angelo; Sarubbi, Edoardo; Soffientini, Adolfo; Nolli, M Luisa; Zanni, Arturo; Galimberti, Marina; Parenti, Franco; Cassani, Giovanni: Epitope Mapping of the Anti-Urokinase Monoclonal Antibody 5B4 by Isolated Domains of Urokinase
McGregor, Lilian; Hanss, Michel; Sayegh, Amal; Calvette, Juan J; Trzeciak, Marie-Christine; Ville, Danielle; Catimel, Bruno; Viala, Jean-Jacques; Dechavanne, Marc; McGregor, John L: Aggregation to Thrombin and Collagen of Platelets from a Glanzmann Thrombasthenic Patient Lacking Glycoproteins IIb and IIIa
Fournier, Dominique J; Kabral, Arnold; Castaldi, Peter A; Berndt, Michael C: A Variant of Glanzmann's Thrombasthenia Characterized by Abnormal Glycoprotein IIb/IIIa Complex Formation
Mulvihill, Juliette N; Davies, J Andrew; Toti, Florence; Freyssinet, Jean-Marie; Cazenave, Jean-Pierre: Thrombin Stimulated Platelet Accumulation on Protein Coated Glass Capillaries: Role of Adhesive Platelet α-Granule Proteins
Ko, Feng-Nien; Wu, Tian-Shung; Liou, Meei-Jen; Huang, Tur-Fu; Teng, Che-Ming: Inhibition of Platelet Thromboxane Formation and Phosphoinositides Breakdown by Osthole from Angelica pubescens
Venturini, Catherine M; Fenton, John W; Minnear, Fred L; Kaplan, John E: Rat Platelets Adhere to Human Thrombin-Treated Rat Lungs under Flow Conditions
Patterson, Wayne R; Estry, Douglas W; Schwartz, Kenneth A; Borchert, Ronald D; Bell, Thomas G: Absent Platelet Aggregation with Normal Fibrinogen Binding in Basset Hound Hereditary Thrombopathy

Letters to the Editor

Sié, P; Boneu, B; Biermé, R; Wiesel, M L; Grunebaum, L; Cazenave, J P: Arterial Thrombosis and Protein S Deficiency