DOI: 10.1055/s-00000009

American Journal of Perinatology

Issue 08 · Volume 37 · June 2020 DOI: 10.1055/s-010-48816


Blumberg, Dean A.; Underwood, Mark A.; Hedriana, Herman L.; Lakshminrusimha, Satyan: Vertical Transmission of SARS-CoV-2: What is the Optimal Definition?

Review Article

Shalish, Wissam; Lakshminrusimha, Satyanarayana; Manzoni, Paolo; Keszler, Martin; Sant'Anna, Guilherme M.: COVID-19 and Neonatal Respiratory Care: Current Evidence and Practical Approach

Original Article

Smith, Devin D.; Pippen, Jessica L.; Adesomo, Adebayo A.; Rood, Kara M.; Landon, Mark B.; Costantine, Maged M.: Exclusion of Pregnant Women from Clinical Trials during the Coronavirus Disease 2019 Pandemic: A Review of International Registries
Aziz, Aleha; Zork, Noelia; Aubey, Janice J.; Baptiste, Caitlin D.; D'Alton, Mary E.; Emeruwa, Ukachi N.; Fuchs, Karin M.; Goffman, Dena; Gyamfi-Bannerman, Cynthia; Haythe, Jennifer H.; LaSala, Anita P.; Madden, Nigel; Miller, Eliza C.; Miller, Russell S.; Monk, Catherine; Moroz, Leslie; Ona, Samsiya; Ring, Laurence E.; Sheen, Jean-Ju; Spiegel, Erica S.; Simpson, Lynn L.; Yates, Hope S.; Friedman, Alexander M.: Telehealth for High-Risk Pregnancies in the Setting of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Clinical Opinion

Chandrasekharan, Praveen; Vento, Maximo; Trevisanuto, Daniele; Partridge, Elizabeth; Underwood, Mark A.; Wiedeman, Jean; Katheria, Anup; Lakshminrusimha, Satyan: Neonatal Resuscitation and Postresuscitation Care of Infants Born to Mothers with Suspected or Confirmed SARS-CoV-2 Infection
Gonzalez-Brown, Veronica M.; Reno, Joseph; Lortz, Heather; Fiorini, Kasey; Costantine, Maged M.: Operating Room Guide for Confirmed or Suspected COVID-19 Pregnant Patients Requiring Cesarean Delivery
Stephens, Angela J.; Barton, John R.; Bentum, Nana-Ama Ankumah; Blackwell, Sean C.; Sibai, Baha M.: General Guidelines in the Management of an Obstetrical Patient on the Labor and Delivery Unit during the COVID-19 Pandemic
Rawat, Munmun; Chandrasekharan, Praveen; Hicar, Mark D.; Lakshminrusimha, Satyan: COVID-19 in Newborns and Infants—Low Risk of Severe Disease: Silver Lining or Dark Cloud?
London, Viktoriya; McLaren, Rodney; Stein, Janet; Atallah, Fouad; Fisher, Nelli; Haberman, Shoshana; McCalla, Sandra; Minkoff, Howard: Caring for Pregnant Patients with COVID-19: Practical Tips Getting from Policy to Practice

Short Communication

Umoren, Rachel A.; Gray, Megan M.; Handley, Sarah; Johnson, Nathaniel; Kunimura, Christina; Mietzsch, Ulrike; Billimoria, Zeenia; Lo, Mark D.: In-Hospital Telehealth Supports Care for Neonatal Patients in Strict Isolation
Alzamora, Maria Claudia; Paredes, Tania; Caceres, David; Webb, Camille M.; Valdez, Luis M.; La Rosa, Mauricio: Severe COVID-19 during Pregnancy and Possible Vertical Transmission
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