DOI: 10.1055/s-00000058

Planta Medica

Issue 03/04 · Volume 88 · March 2022 DOI: 10.1055/s-012-53142 Special Issue Veterinary Phytotherapy


Melzig, Matthias F.; Mendel, Marta; Walkenhorst, Michael: Editorial for the Special Issue “Veterinary Phytotherapy”

Biological and Pharmacological Activity


Farinacci, Patricia; Mevissen, Meike; Ayrle, Hannah; Maurer, Veronika; Sørensen Dalgaard, Tina; Melzig, Matthias F.; Walkenhorst, Michael: Medicinal Plants for Prophylaxis and Therapy of Common Infectious Diseases In Poultry–A Systematic Review of In Vivo Studies
Latek, Urszula; Chłopecka, Magdalena; Karlik, Wojciech; Mendel, Marta: Phytogenic Compounds for Enhancing Intestinal Barrier Function in Poultry–A Review

Original Papers

Schott, Theresa; Reisinger, Nicole; Teichmann, Klaus; König, Jürgen; Ladinig, Andrea; Mayer, Elisabeth: Establishment of an In Vitro Co-Culture Model of the Piglet Gut to Study Inflammatory Response and Barrier Integrity
Yang, Meng-Ting; Lin, Yi-Xian; Yang, Greta; Kuo, Tien-Fen; Liang, Yu-Chen; Lee, Tsung-Han; Chang, Cicero Lee-Tian; Yang, Wen-Chin: Functional and Mechanistic Studies of Two Anti-coccidial Herbs, Bidens pilosa and Artemisia indica
Ouachinou, Jéronime Marie-Ange Sènami; Dassou, Gbèwonmèdéa Hospice; Agbankpé, Alidehou Jerrold; Koudoro, Yaya Alain; Agbangnan, Pascal; Hidalgo Triana, Noelia; Favi, Gnimansou Abraham; Djidohokpin, Donald; Adomou, Aristide Cossi: Variation of Secondary Metabolite Contents and Activities against Bovine Diarrheal Pathogens among Zygophyllaceae Species in Benin and Implications for Conservation
Dieguez, Susana Nelly; Decundo, Julieta María; Martínez, Guadalupe; Amanto, Fabián Andrés; Bianchi, Carolina Paula; Pérez Gaudio, Denisa Soledad; Soraci, Alejandro Luis: Effect of Dietary Oregano (Lippia origanoides) and Clover (Eugenia caryophillata) Essential Oilsʼ Formulations on Intestinal Health and Performance of Pigs