DOI: 10.1055/s-00000015

European Journal of Pediatric Surgery

Issue 04 · Volume 32 · August 2022 DOI: 10.1055/s-012-54423

Review Article

Nagelkerke, Sjoerd C. J.; Poelgeest, M. Y. van; Wessel, L. M.; Mutanen, A.; Langeveld, H. R.; Hill, S.; Benninga, M. A.; Tabbers, M. M.; Bakx, R.; on behalf of the ERNICA Intestinal Failure Working Group: Bowel Lengthening Procedures in Children with Short Bowel Syndrome: A Systematic Review
Zanini, Andrea; von Sochaczewski, Christina Oetzmann; Basson, Sonia; Brisighelli, Giulia; Di Cesare, Antonio; Gabler, Tarryn; Gentilino, Valerio; Gopal, Milan; Grieve, Andrew; Harrison, Derek; Patel, Nirav; Westgarth-Taylor, Chris; Withers, Aletha; Loveland, Jerome A.: Globalization in Pediatric Surgical Training: The Benefit of an International Fellowship in a Low-to-Middle–Income Country Academic Hospital

Original Article

Abdelmalak Abokandil, Mohamed; Waheeb, Saber; Eltagy, Gamal; Khairi, Ahmad; Farghaly, Yasmine; Aly, Salmaa: Correlation between Common Channel Length and Urethral Length in Cloacal Malformations
Kloth, Katja; Klohs, Stefan; Bhullar, Jasmin; Boettcher, Michael; Hempel, Maja; Trah, Julian; Reinshagen, Konrad: The Epidemiology behind Pectus Excavatum: Clinical Study and Review of the Literature
Böckle, Carla E.; Blaser, Jochen; Schukfeh, Nagoud; Zeidler, Jan; Ure, Benno M.; Dingemann, Jens: Analysis of Pulmonary Surgery in Children and Adolescents in Germany: Who Is doing What?
di Natale, Anthony; Brestel, Jessica; Mauracher, Andrea Alexis; Tharakan, Sasha Job; Meuli, Martin; Möhrlen, Ueli; Subotic, Ulrike: Long-Term Outcomes and Health-Related Quality of Life in a Swiss Patient Group with Esophageal Atresia
Gil Mayo, Diego; Sanabria Carretero, Pascual; Gajate Martin, Luis; Alonso Calderón, Jose; Hernández Oliveros, Francisco; Gomez Rojo, María: Parental Presence during Induction of Anesthesia Improves Compliance of the Child and Reduces Emergence Delirium
Anbarasu, Centura R.; Mehl, Steven C.; Sun, Raphael C.; Portuondo, Jorge I.; Espinoza, Andres F.; Whitlock, Richard S.; Shah, Sohail R.; Rodriguez, J. Ruben; Nuchtern, Jed G.; Minifee, Paul K.; Le, Louis D.; Stafford, Shawn J.; Milewicz, Allen L.; Mazziotti, Mark V.: Variations in Nuss Procedure Operative Techniques and Complications: A Retrospective Review
Altan, Mesut; Bozacı, Ali Cansu; Asci, Ahmet; Dogan, Hasan Serkan; Tekgul, Serdar: Autoaugmentation: A Feasible Option before Ileal Augmentation in Selected Cases