DOI: 10.1055/s-00000058

Planta Medica

Issue 02 · Volume 35 · February 1979 DOI: 10.1055/s-002-13665

Review Article

Isaac, O.: Pharmakologische Untersuchungen von Kamillen–Inhaltsstoffen – I. Zur Pharmakologie des (–)–α–Bisabolols und der Bisabololoxide (Übersicht) Pharmacological Investigations with Compounds of Chamomile – I. On the Pharmacology of (–)–α–Bisabolol and Bisabolol oxides (Review)

Research Articles

Jakovlev, V.; Isaac, O.; Thiemer, K.; Kunde, R.: Pharmakologische Untersuchungen von Kamillen–Inhaltsstoffen – II. Neue Untersuchungen zur antiphlogistischen Wirkung des (–)–α–Bisabolols und der Bisabololoxide Pharmacological Investigations with Compounds of Chamomile – II. New Investigations on the Antiphlogistic Effects of (–)–α–Bisabolol and Bisabolol Oxides
Konno, Chohachi; Shirasaka, Masayoshi; Hikino, Hiroshi: Cardioactive Principle of Aconitum carmichaeli Roots1
Ray, A. B.; Chattopadhyay, S.; Tripathi, R. M.; Gambhir, S. S.; Das, P. K.: Isolation and Pharmacological Action of Epistephanine, an Alkaloid of Stephania hernandifolia

Research Article

Jurenitsch, J.; Kubelka, W.; Jentzsch, K.: Identifizierung kultivierter Capsicum–Sippen Identification of Cultivated Taxa of Capsicum – Taxonomy, Anatomy and Composition of Pungent Principle

Short Communications

Khafagy, S. M.; Sabri, N. Nazmi; El–Sebakhy, N.; Blessington, B.; Asaad, A.: A C–28 Ecdysone–like Substance from Ajuga iva
Khafagy, S. M.; Sabri, N. Nazmi; El–Salam, N. A. Abd; El–Din, A. A. Seif: Isolation of Sesamin–like Compound and Acacetin 7–O Neohesperidoside from Otanthus maritimus
Tiwari, K. P.; Srivastava, Smt Savitri Devi: Pigments from the Stem Bark of Dillenia indica
Diaz, Aura M. P. de; Gottlieb, Otto R.: Propiophenones from Piper marginatum1
Ezmirly, S. T.; Cheng, J. C.; Wilson, S. R.: Saudi Arabian Medicinal Plants: Salvadora persica1 2