DOI: 10.1055/s-00000058

Planta Medica

Issue 08 · Volume 34 · December 1978 DOI: 10.1055/s-002-13718

Review Article

Floss, H. G.; Chang, C–j; Mascaretti, O.; Shimada, K.: Studies on the Biosynthesis of Antibiotics1

Research Article

Nagakura, Naotaka; Höfle, Gerhard; Coggiola, Dianella; Zenk, Meinhart H.: The Biosynthesis of the Ipecac Alkaloids and of Ipecoside and Alangiside
Ulubelen, A.; Saiki, Y.; Lotter, H.; Chari, V. M.; Wagner, H.: Chemical Components of Styrax officinalis L. – IV1
Père, D.; Rougé, P.; Lascombes, S.: Precipitation des Glycoproteines du Serum Humain Normal par les Lectines de Quelques Especes de Lathyrus Precipitation of Human Serum Glycoproteins by the Lectins from various Lathyrus Species
Francke, W.; Brümmer, B.: Terpene aus Ascoidea hylecoeti Terpenes from Ascoidea hylecoeti
Elsayed, M. Abdel Hady; Salam, M. A. Abdel; Salam, N. A. Abdel; Mohammed, Y. A.: Spectrophotometric Determination of Emetine and Lobeline by Charge Transfer Complexetion
Bhatia, R. K.; Lohar, D. R.; Chawan, D. D.; Garg, S. P.: Chemical Control of Yield of Sennosides in Senna Leaves

Short Communication

Chulia, Albert José; Hostettmann, Kurt; Bouillant, Marie–Louise; Mariotte, Anne–Marie: Contribution à l'Etude du Genre Gentiana Contribution to the Study of the Genus Gentiana – A 3'–O–Glucoside of Isoorientine in Gentiana pedicellata
Hiermann, A.: Flavonoide in den Blättern von Digitalis lanata (EHRHART)1, III Flavonoids in the Leaves of Digitalis lanata (EHRHART), III