DOI: 10.1055/s-00000028

International Journal of Sports Medicine

Issue 02 · Volume 35 · February 2014 DOI: 10.1055/s-003-26228

Physiology & Biochemistry

Voss, S. C.; Alsayrafi, M.; Bourdon, P. C.; Klodt, F.; Nonis, D.; Hopkins, W. G.; Schumacher, Y. O.: Variability of Serum Markers of Erythropoiesis during 6 Days of Racing in Highly Trained Cyclists

Training & Testing

Pereira, B. C.; Pauli, J. R.; de Souza, C. T.; Ropelle, E. R.; Cintra, D. E.; Rocha, E. M.; Freitas, E. C.; Papoti, M.; da Silva, L.; Lira, F. S.; Silva, A.S. R. da: Nonfunctional Overreaching Leads to Inflammation and Myostatin Upregulation in Swiss Mice


Orthopedics & Biomechanics

Clinical Sciences

Moriyama, S.; Ogita, F.; Huang, Z.; Kurobe, K.; Nagira, A.; Tanaka, T.; Takahashi, H.; Hirano, Y.: Intra-Abdominal Pressure during Swimming


Ackel-D’Elia, C.; Carnier, J.; Bueno, C. R.; Campos, R.M. S.; Sanches, P. L.; Clemente, A.P. G.; Tufik, S.; de Mello, M. T.; Dâmaso, A. R.: Effects of Different Physical Exercises on Leptin Concentration in Obese Adolescents

Genetics & Molecular Biology

Mikami, E.; Fuku, N.; Murakami, H.; Tsuchie, H.; Takahashi, H.; Ohiwa, N.; Tanaka, H.; Pitsiladis, Y. P.; Higuchi, M.; Miyachi, M.; Kawahara, T.; Tanaka, M.: ACTN3 R577X Genotype is Associated with Sprinting in Elite Japanese Athletes