DOI: 10.1055/s-00035024

Thrombosis and Haemostasis

Issue 01 · Volume 59 · February 1998 DOI: 10.1055/s-007-35608

Review Article

Warkentin, Theodore E.; Chong, Beng H.; Greinacher, Andreas: Heparin-induced Thrombocytopenia: Towards Consensus
Kohler, Hans P.; Stickland, Max H.; Ossei-Gerning, Nicholas; Carter, Angela; Mikkola, Hanna; Grant, Peter J.: Association of a Common Polymorphism in the Factor XIII Gene with Myocardial Infarction
Rajan, Raghu; Levine, Mark; Gent, Michael; Hirsh, Jack; Geerts, William; Skingley, Peter; Julian, Jim: The Occurrence of Subsequent Malignancy in Patients Presenting with Deep Vein Thrombosis: Results from a Historical Cohort Study
Falanga, A.; Levine, M. N.; Consonni, R.; Gritti, G.; Delaini, F.; Oldani, E.; Julian, J. A.; Barbui, T.: The Effect of Very-low-dose Warfarin on Markers of Hypercoagulation in Metastatic Breast Cancer: Results from a Randomized Trial
Andersen, Birthe Søgaard; Olsen, Jørn; Nielsen, Gunnar Lauge; Steffensen, Flemming Hald; Sørensen, Henrik Toft; Baech, John; Gregersen, Henrik: Third Generation Oral Contraceptives and Heritable Thrombophilia as Risk Factors of Non-fatal Venous Thromboembolism
Freyburger, G.; Trillaud, H.; Labrouche, S.; Gauthier, P.; Javorschi, S.; Bernard, P.; Grenier, N.: D-dimer Strategy in Thrombosis Exclusion
Tardy, Bernard; Tardy-Poncet, Brigitte; Viallon, Alain; Lafond, Pierre; Page, Y.; Venet, Christophe; Bertrand, Jean C.: Evaluation of D-dimer ELISA Test in Elderly Patients with Suspected Pulmonary Embolism
Ames, Paul R. J.; Tommasino, Catello; D’Andrea, Giovanna; Iannaccone, Luigi; Brancaccio, Vincenzo; Margaglione, Maurizio: Thrombophilic Genotypes in Subjects with Idiopathic Antiphospholipid Antibodies – Prevalence and Significance
Lee, David H.; Warkentin, Theodore E.; Denomme, Gregory A.; Lagrotteria, Danny D.; Kelton, John G.: Factor V Leiden and Thrombotic Complications in Heparin-induced Thrombocytopenia
Inoue, Teruo; Sakai, Yoshihiko; Fujito, Tsuneo; Hoshi, Kazuhiro; Hayashi, Terumi; Takayanagi, Kan; Morooka, Shigenori: Clinical Significance of Neutrophil Adhesion Molecules Expression after Coronary Angioplasty on the Development of Restenosis
Meijer, K.; Smid, W. M.; Verspiek, S. P. J.; Smit, J. W.; van der Meer, J.: Differences in Immune Response between HCV Positive, HIV Negative Haemophilia A and B Patients
Sawamoto, Yoshikatsu; Prescott, Richard; Zhong, Degang; Saenko, Evgueni L.; Mauser-Bunschoten, Eveline; Peerlinck, Kathelijne; van den Berg, Marijke; Scandella, Dorothea: Dominant C2 Domain Epitope Specificity of Inhibitor Antibodies Elicited by a Heat Pasteurized Product, Factor VIII CPS-P, in Previously Treated Hemophilia A Patients without Inhibitors
Turkstra, Franktien; van Beek, Edwin J. R.; Büller, Harry R.: Observer and Biological Variation of a Rapid Whole Blood D-Dimer Test
Rowe, Chris A.; Bolitho, Jeni S.; Jane, Andrew; Bundesen, Peter G.; Rylatt, Dennis B.; Eisenberg, Paul R.; Ligler, Frances S.: Rapid Detection of D-dimer Using a Fiber Optic Biosensor
Chadarevian, Rita; Bruckert, Eric; Ankri, Annick; Beucler, Isabel; Giral, Philippe; Turpin, Gérard: Relationship between Thyroid Hormones and Plasma D-dimer Levels
Gustafsson, D.; Antonsson, T.; Bylund, R.; Eriksson, U.; Gyzander, E.; Nilsson, I.; Elg, M.; Mattsson, C.; Deinum, J.; Pehrsson, S.; Karlsson, O.; Nilsson, A.; Sörensen, H.: Effects of Melagatran, a New Low-molecular-weight Thrombin Inhibitor, on Thrombin and Fibrinolytic Enzymes
Poller, L.; Barrowcliffe, T. W.; van den Besselaar, A. M. H. P.; Jespersen, J.; Tripodi, A.; Houghton, D.; ECAA by the above steering committee; Prepared on behalf of: The European Concerted Action on Anticoagulation (ECAA) Evaluation of a Set of Lyophilized Normal Plasmas to Establish the Normal Prothrombin Time for Coagulometer Systems
Modi, Nishit B.; Eppler, Stephen; Breed, Judy; Cannon, Christopher P.; Braunwald, Eugene; Love, Ted W.: Pharmacokinetics of a Slower Clearing Tissue Plasminogen Activator Variant, TNK-tPA, in Patients with Acute Myocardial Infarction
Hirschl, Michael M.; Wagner, Andreas; Gwechenberger, Marianne; Herkner, Harald; Müllner, Marcus; Woisetschläger, Christian; Laggner, Anton N.: Attenuation of Thrombolysis-induced Increase of Plasminogen Activator Inhibitor-1 by Intravenous Enalaprilat
Heeremans, J. L. M.; Prevost, R.; Feitsma, H.; Kluft, C.; Crommelin, D. J. A.: Clot Accumulation Characteristics of Plasminogen-bearing Liposomes in a Flow-system
Kida, Masafumi; Kawabata, Masuyo H.-; Yamazaki, Tomio; Ichinose, Akitada: Presence of Two Plasminogen Alleles in Normal Populations
Ross, Julia M.; McIntire, Larry V.; Moake, Joel L.; Kuo, Huey-Ju; Qian, Rui-Qing; Glanville, Robert W.; Schwartz, Elaine; Rand, Jacob H.: Fibrillin Containing Elastic Microfibrils Support Platelet Adhesion under Dynamic Shear Conditions
Refino, Canio J.; Modi, Nishit B.; Bullens, Sherron; Pater, Cheryl; Lipari, Michael T.; Robarge, Kirk; Blackburn, Brent; Beresini, Maureen; Weller, Thomas; Steiner, Beat; Bunting, Stuart: Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacodynamics and Tolerability of a Potent, Non-peptidic, GP IIb/IIIa Receptor Antagonist following Multiple Oral Administrations of a Prodrug Form
Fontenay-Roupie, Michaëla; Huret, Guillaume; Loza, Jean-Pierre; Adda, Raphaël; Melle, Josiane; Maclouf, Jacques; Dreyfus, François; Lévy-Toledano, Sylviane: Thrombopoietin Activates Human Platelets and Induces Tyrosine Phosphorylation of p80/85 Cortactin
Yamamoto, Hiroshi; Vreys, Ingrid; Stassen, Jean Marie; Yoshimoto, Ryota; Vermylen, Jos; Hoylaerts, Marc F.: Antagonism of vWF Inhibits both Injury Induced Arterial and Venous Thrombosis in the Hamster
Stockmans, F.; Deberdt, W.; Nyström, Å.; Nyström, E.; Stassen, J. M.; Vermylen, J.; Deckmyn, H.: Inhibitory Effect of Piracetam on Platelet-rich Thrombus Formation in an Animal Model
Berry, Christopher N.; Lunven, Catherine; Girardot, Christine; Lechaire, Irène; Girard, Denise; Charles, Marie-Christine; Ferrari, Patrice; O’Brien, Donogh P.: Ecarin Clotting Time: a Predictive Coagulation Assay for the Antithrombotic Activity of Argatroban in the Rat
Dettke, Markus; Imhof, Martin; Exner, Markus; Kurz, Martin; Höcker, Paul: Increased Level of Thrombopoietin during Consumptive Coagulopathy

Letters to the Editor

Bloem, B. R.; van Putten, M. J. A. M.; Meer, F. J. M. v. d.; van Hilten, J. J.; Bertina, R. M.: Superior Sagittal Sinus Thrombosis in a Patient Heterozygous for the Novel 20210 A Allele of the Prothrombin Gene
Craig Hooper, W.; Dilley, Anne; Austin, Harland; Wenger, Nanette K.; Benson, Jane; Evatt, Bruce L.; Silva, Victor; Rawlins, Peggy: Absence of Mutations at APC Cleavage Sites Arg306 in Factor V and Arg336, Arg562 in Factor VIII in African-Americans
de Maistre, Emmanuel; Wahl, Denis; Perret-Guillaume, Christine; Regnault, Véronique; Clarac, Sabine; Briquel, Marie-Elisabeth; Andre, Elisabeth; Lecompte, Thomas: A Chromogenic Assay Allows Reliable Measurement of Factor VIII Levels in the Presence of Strong Lupus Anticoagulants
Enayat, Mohammad S.; Theophilus, Bimal D. M.; Hill, Frank G. H.; Rose, Peter E.; Culpan, Doris; Bidwell, Jeffery; Standen, Graham R.: A New (K1518E) Candidate Mutation Detected by Universal Heteroduplex Generator Analysis in a Patient with Type 2A (Phenotype IIA) von Willebrand Disease
Ménart, Christophe; Sprunck, Nathalie; Duhaut, Pierre; Pinède, Laurent; Demolombe-Rague, Sylvie; Négrier, Claude: Recurrent Spontaneous Intracerebral Hematoma in a Patient with Afibrinogenemia