DOI: 10.1055/s-00000084


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Hoffmann, Reinhard W.; Schäfer, Frank; Haeberlin, Eckart; Rohde, Thorsten; Körber, Karsten: Efficient Homologation of Aldehydes to 2,4,6-Alkatrienals by means of an α-(1,3-Dioxenylallyl)boronate
Ang, Nate W. J.; Buettner, Cornelia S.; Docherty, Scott; Bismuto, Alessandro; Carney, Jonathan R.; Docherty, Jamie H.; Cowley, Michael J.; Thomas, Stephen P.: Borane-Catalysed Hydroboration of Alkynes and Alkenes
Jensen, Anne Eeg; Dohle, Wolfgang; Sapountzis, Ioannis; Lindsay, David M.; Vu, Viet Anh; Knochel, Paul: Preparation and Reactions of Functionalized Arylmagnesium Reagents