DOI: 10.1055/s-00000015

European Journal of Pediatric Surgery

Ausgabe 04 · Volume 24 · August 2014 DOI: 10.1055/s-004-27759


Review Article

Ponsky, Todd A.; Schwachter, Marc; Parry, Jennifer; Rothenberg, Steven; Augestad, Knut Magne: Telementoring: The Surgical Tool of the Future
Nalugo, Margaret; Craner, Domenic R.; Schwachter, Marc; Ponsky, Todd A.: What Is “Telemedicine” and What Does It Mean for a Pediatric Surgeon?
Raigani, Siavash; Numanoglu, Alp; Schwachter, Marc; Ponsky, Todd A.: Online Resources in Pediatric Surgery: The New Era of Medical Information

Original Article

Russell, Katie W.; Rollins, Michael D.; Feola, G. Peter; Arnold, Ryan; Barnhart, Douglas C.; Scaife, Eric R.: Sclerotherapy for Intra-abdominal Lymphatic Malformations in Children
Papparella, Alfonso; Nino, Fabiano; Coppola, Sandra; Noviello, Carmine; Paciello, Orlando; Papparella, Serenella: Peritoneal Morphological Changes due to Pneumoperitoneum: The Effect of Intra-abdominal Pressure
Borruto, Francesca Astra; Ferreira, Cindy Gomes; Kaselas, Christos; Schneider, Anne; Lacreuse, Isabelle; Kauffmann, Isabelle; Moog, Raphael; Becmeur, François: Thoracoscopic Treatment of Congenital Diaphragmatic Eventration in Children: Lessons Learned After 15 Years of Experience
Karakuş, Osman Z.; Ateş, Oğuz; Hakgüder, Gülce; Olguner, Mustafa; Akgür, Feza M.: Complex Fetal Ovarian Cysts Cause Problems Even After Regression
Yu, Tzu-Chieh; Hamill, James K. M.; Evans, Stephen M.; Price, Neil R.; Morreau, Philip N.; Upadhyay, Vipul A.; Ferguson, R. Stuart; Best, Emma J.; Hill, Andrew G.: Duration of Postoperative Intravenous Antibiotics in Childhood Complicated Appendicitis: A Propensity Score-Matched Comparison Study

Case Gallery

Soderhall, Cilla; Lundin, Johanna; Lagerstedt-Robinson, Kristina; Grigelioniene, Giedre; Lackgren, Goran; Kockum, Christina Clementson; Nordenskjold, Agneta: A Case with Bladder Exstrophy and Unbalanced X Chromosome Rearrangement
Lopez, M.; Kalfa, N.; Allal, H.; Guibal, M. P.; Forgues, D.; Sabatier-Laval, E.; Galifer, R. B.: Anorectal Malformation (ARM) with Bladder Fistula: Advantages of a Laparoscopic Approach


Laituri, C.A.; Garey, C.L.; Valusek, P.A.; Fike, B.F.; Kaye, A.J.; Ostlie, D.J.; Snyder, C.L.; Peter, S.D.: Outcome of Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia Repair Depending on Patch Type