DOI: 10.1055/s-00000175


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Nowakowska, Elżbieta; Kus, Krzysztof; Chodera, Alfons; Rybakowski, Janusz: Behavioural Effects of Fluoxetine and Tianeptine, Two Antidepressants with Opposite Action Mechanisms, in Rats
Mey, Christian de; Sułowicz, Władyslaw; Stompór, Tomasz; Ezan, Eric; Retzow, Angelika; Althause, Michael: Single Dose Pharmacokinetics of α-Dihydroergocryptine in Patients with Moderate to Severe Renal Insufficiency
Khayyal, Mohamed T.; El-Ghazaly, Mona A.; Abdallah, Dalai M.; Nassar, Noha N.; Okpanyi, Samuel N.; Kreuter, Matthias-Heinrich: Blood Pressure Lowering Effect of an Olive Leaf Extract {Olea europaed) in L-NAME Induced Hypertension in Rats