Organic Materials

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Chalker, Justin; Mann, Maximilian; Worthington, Max; Esdaile, Louisa: Polymers Made by Inverse Vulcanization for Use as Mercury Sorbents
Chou, Fang-Yu; Ramli, Theresia Cecylia; Lee, Chin-Yun; Hu, Shu-Man; Christy, Jane; Chen, Hsien-Yeh: Vapor-Deposited Polymer Films and Structure: Methods and Applications
Gallego, Lucía; Woods, Joseph F; Rickhaus, Michel: Recent Concepts for Supramolecular 2D Materials
Shinohara, Akira; Guo, Zhenfeng; Pan, Chengjun; Nakanishi, Takashi: Solvent-Free Conjugated Polymer Fluids with Optical Functions

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