DOI: 10.1055/s-00000175


Issue 10 · Volume 51 · October 2001 DOI: 10.1055/s-002-22689


Cardiac Drugs · Cardiac Stimulants · Coronary Drugs


Graßmann, Johanna; Schneider, Dagmar; Weiser, Dieter; Elstner, Erich F.: Antioxidative Effects of Lemon Oil and its Components on Copper Induced Oxidation of Low Density Lipoprotein

Anticoagulants · Antithrombotics · Antivaricosis Drugs Blood Flow Stimulants

Bisio, Antonella; Ambrosi, Luigi De; Gonella, Sergio; Guerrini, Marco; Guglieri, Sara; Maggia, Giorgio; Torri, Giangiacomo: Preserving the Original Heparin Structure of a Novel Low Molecular Weight Heparin by γ-Irradiation

Analgesics · Antiphlogistics · Antirheumatic Drugs

Fouchard, Fabienne; Marchand, Pascal; Baut, Guillaume Le; Emig, Peter; Nickel, Bernd: Synthesis and Pharmacological Evaluation of (Indol-3-yl)alkylamides as Potent Analgesic Agents

Analgetika · Antiphlogistika · Antirheumatika

Abacioğlu, Nurettin; Tunçtan, Bahar; Çakici, İiclal; Akbulut, Esen; Uludağ, Orhan; Kanzik, İlker: The Role of L-Arginine/Nitric Oxide Pathway in the Antinociceptive Activity of Pyridoxine in Mouse

Antibiotics · Antiviral Drugs · Chemotherapeutics · Cytostatics

Antiemetics · Gastrointestinal Drugs · Urologic Drugs

Fan, Jie; Schwille, Paul Otto; Schmiedl, Angelika; Fink, Ernst; Manoharan, Mahimaidos: Calcium Oxalate Crystallization in Undiluted Postprandial Urine of Healthy Male Volunteers as Influenced by Citrate

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Tonevitsky, Alexander G.; Agapov, Igor; Solopova, Olga; Yurkova, Mariya; Demina, Ira; Pfueller, Karola; Pfueller, Uwe: Epitope Specificity of Mouse Immune Response on Short Polypeptides Isolated from Viscum album

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