DOI: 10.1055/s-00035024

Thrombosis and Haemostasis

Issue 03 · Volume 61 · 1989 DOI: 10.1055/s-009-45137

Review Article

Suzuki, Koji; Deyashiki, Yoshihiro; Nishioka, Junji; Toma, Kazunori: Protein C Inhibitor: Structure and Function

Original Article

Stain, C; Pabinger-Fasching, I; Guggenberger, K; Köller, U; Stain, M; Hartl, H; Heinz, F; Mayerhofer, S; Kyrle, P A; Lechner, K; Korninger, C: High Risk of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) and of AIDS Related Complex (ARC) in Hemophiliacs Seropositive for more than 5 Years
Borris, Lars C; Christiansen, Hanne M; Lassen, Michael R; Olsen, Agnete D; Schøtt, Peder; (The Venous Thrombosis Group): Comparison of Real-Time B-Mode Ultrasonog raphy and Bilateral Ascending Phlebography for Detection of Postoperative Deep Vein Thrombosis Following Elective Hip Surgery
Doerschuk, Claire M; Gie, Robert P; Bally, Marcel B; Cullis, Pieter R; Reinish, Lawrence W: Platelet Distribution in Rabbits Following lnfusion of Liposomes
Dallegri, Franco; Ballestrero, Alberto; Ottonello, Luciano; Patrone, Franco: Platelets as Scavengers of Neutrophil-Derived Oxidants: A Possible Defence Mechanism at Sites of Vascular Injury
Walkowiak, Bogdan; Kozubski, Wojciech; Pawlowska, Zofia; Prusinski, Antoni; Cierniewski, Czeslaw S: Expression of Fibrinogen Receptors in Platelets of Migraine Patients - Correlation with Platelet GPIIb Content and Plasma Cholesterol
Condra, Cindra; Nutt, Elka; Petroski, Christopher J; Simpson, Ellen; Friedman, P A; Jacobs, J W: Isolation and Structural Charaderization of a Potent Inhibitor of Coagulation Factor Xa from the Leech Haementeria ghilianii
Wicki, Andreas N; Walz, Alfred; Gerber-Huber, Susan N; Wenger, Roland H; Vornhagen, Rolf; Clemetson, Kenneth J: Isolation and Characterization of Human Blood Platelet mRNA and Construction of a cDNA Library in λgt11
Reilly, Thomas M; Whitfield, Mark D; Taylon, David S; Timmermans, Pieter B M W M: Binding of Tissue Plasminogen Activator to Cultured Human Fibroblasts
Pralong, Gerard; Calandra, Thierry; Glausef, Michel-P; Schellekens, Joop; Verhoef, Jan; Bachmann, Fedor; Kruithof, Egbert K O: Plasminogen Activator Inhibitor 1: A New Prognostic Marker in Septic Shock
Muller, A D; Houwelingen, A C v; van Dam-Mieras, M C E; Bas, B M; Hornstra, G: Effect of a Moderate Fish Intake on Haemostatic Parameters in Healthy Males
Fernández, José A; Estellés, Amparo; Gilabert, Juan; España, Francisco; Aznar, Justo: Functional and Immunologic Protein S in Normal Pregnant Women and in Full-Term Newborns
Agnelli, Giancarlo; Levi, Marcel; Cosmi, Benilde; ten Cate, Jan Wouter; Nenci, Giuseppe G: Additive Effect of dDAVP and Standard Heparin inIncreasing Plasma t-PA
Laug, Walter E; Aebersold, Ruedi; Jong, Ambrose; Rideout, Willian; Bergman, Barbara L; Baker, Joffre: Isolation of Multiple Types of Plasminogen Activator Inhibitors from Vascular Smooth Muscle Cells
Gordge, M P; Faint, R W; Rylance, P B; Ireland, H; Lane, D A; Neild, G H: Plasma D Dimer: A Useful Marker of Fibrin Breakdown in Renal Failure

International Committee Communications

Zacharski, Leo R; Donati, Maria Benedetta: Registry of Clinical Trials of Antithrombotic Drugs in Cancer
Marlar, Richard A; Montgomery, Robert R; Broekmans, Andre W: Report on the Diagnosis and Treatment of Homozygous Protein C Deficiency

Letter to the Editor

Jaschonek, K; Faul, C; Weisenberger, C; Krönert, K; Schröder, H; Renn, W: Platelet Thromboxane A2/Endoperoxide (TXA2/PGH2)Receptors in Type I Diabetes mellitus
Matyszko, J; Pietraszek, M H; Azzadin, A; Buczko, W; Myśliwiec, M: Desmopressin Induces Decrease in Platelet Serotonin Content in Uremia
Flordal, Per-Anders; Ljungström, Karl-Gösta; Svensson, Jan: Desmopressin Reverses Effects of Dextran on von Willebrand Factor