DOI : 10.1055/s-00000058

Planta Medica

Issue 11 · Volume 81 · July 2015 DOI: 10.1055/s-005-29385

American Society of Pharmacognosy Annual Meeting
Copper Mountain, Colorado, 25–29, July 2015

Chairman: Robert Cichewicz, Ph.D. – Issue Editor: Mark O'Neil-Johnson

Hussain, K; Islam, M; Shehzadi, N; Amjad, S; Bukhari, NI; Saeed, H: Antioxidant activity and isolation studies of extracts of seeds of Syzygium cumini L
Hagiwara, K; Wright, PR; Tabandera, NK; Kelman, D; Ómarsdóttir, S; Wright, AD: Comparative analysis of the antioxidant properties of Icelandic and Hawaiian lichens
Al-Massarani, SM; El-Gamal, AA; Al-Said, MS; Abdel-Kader, MS; Parvez, MK; Al-Dosary, MS: New cytotoxic terpenoid compounds from Nuxia oppositifolia
Kang, HR; Eom, HJ; Lee, S; Yu, JS; Lee, SR: Plantago asiatica extracts prevent skin photoaging in hairless mice
Kang, HR; Yu, JS; Eom, HJ; Lee, S; Lee, SR: Alkaloids from Acorus gramineus rhizomes and their biological activity
Asakawa, E; Tosho, Y; Nakata, A; Hasegawa, Y; Yamashita, H; Wada, K: Four new C19-norditerpenoid alkaloids from Delphinium elatum
Muñoz Acuña, U; Blanco Carcache, PJ; Matthew, S; Carcache de Blanco, EJ: A phenylpropanoid and neolignans from Myristica fragrans Houtt with PARP-1 and NF-κB inhibitory activity
Belofsky, G; Kouch, PK; McCornack, J; Koppinger, K; Dondji, B: Dalea emoryi revisited: Anthelmintic and new components of a previously-studied plant
Orabi, K; Abaza, M; Kurien, S: Old terpenes as new anticancer leads
Fotso, S; Xiong, Q; Graupner, PR; Rakotondraibe, HL; Olson, M; Wiley, JD; Krai, P; Brodie, PJ; Callmander, MW; Rakotobe, E; Ratovoson, F; Rasamison, VE; Cassera, MB; Hahn, DR; Kingston, DGI: Neolignans and other metabolites from Ocotea cymosa from the Magadascar rain forest and their biological activities
Cao, CM; Zhang, H; Gallagher, RJ; Timmermann, BN: Unusual withanolides from Physalis hispida (Waterf.) Cronquist
Zhang, H; Cao, CM; Gallagher, RJ; Day, VW; Kindscher, K; Timmermann, BN: Withanolides from Physalis coztomatl
Zhao, M; Onakpa, MM; Chen, WL; Santarsiero, BD; Swanson, SM; Burdette, JE; Che, CT: Further (9βH)-pimaranes and derivatives from Icacina trichantha
Oluwatosin, JO; Zhao, M; Chen, WL; Santarsiero, BD; Swanson, SM; Burdette, JE; Ayoola, GA; Coker, HAB; Che, CT: Prenylated anthranols from the leaves of Harungana madagascariensis
Zeraik, ML; Arwa, PS; Ximenes, VF; Silva, DHS; Bolzani, VS: Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of isolated compounds from Garcinia brasiliensis
Glinski, JA; Dudek, M; Kinkade, P; Glinski, VB; Kaźmierski, S; Calixto, J: Honey, bees, and a hepatotoxic alkaloid echimidine
Tarawneh, A; Leon, F; Rivera, A; Cutler, SJ: Secondary metabolites isolated from Salvia bogotensis
Kim, NY; Wu, Q; Li, H; Lee, SY; Lee, HJ; Ryu, JH: Cytotoxic sesquiterpenoids from Siegesbeckia glabrescens
Kang, HR; Eom, HJ; Lee, S; Yu, JS; Lee, SR: Bioactive lignan constituents from the twigs of Lindera glauca
Agarwal, G; Pan, L; Naman, CB; Chai, HB; Ninh, TN; Soejarto, DD; Kinghorn, AD: Bioactivity-guided isolation and quantification of episilvestrol and silvestrol from Aglaia perviridis
Ren, Y; Benatrethina, PA; Muñoz Acuña, U; Yuan, C; Chai, HB; Ninh, TN; Carcache de Blanco, EJ; Soejarto, DD; Kinghorn, AD: Cytotoxic rotenoids and isoflavonoids from the fruits of Millettia caerulea
Zhou, J; Zhang, J; Wang, C; Qu, S; Zhu, Y; Yang, Z; Wang, L: Acai (Euterpe oleracea mart.) attenuates alcohol-induced liver disease in rats
Harmon, CR; Wright, ME; Wright, SM; Dunlap, N: Comparative studies in the phytochemical profile of Cichorium intybus
Williams, RB; Norman, VL; O'Neil-Johnson, M; Woodbury, S; Eldridge, GR; Starks, CM: Digging deep for new compounds from Silphium laciniatum
Cai, S; Risinger, AL; Nair, S; Powell, DR; Anderson, TJC; Mooberry, SL; Cichewicz, RH: Antimalarial metabolites from Buxus sempervirens
Wang, M; Krai, P; Dala, S; Cassera, M; Goetz, M; Rakotonandrasana, S; Rasamison, VE; Kingston, DGI: Four antimalarial limonoids isolated from Carapa guianensis and two antiproliferative diterpenes isolated from Hypoestes SP.
Du, Y; Dai, Y; Krai, P; Goetz, M; Cassera, MB; Kingston, DGI: Isolation of sesquiterpene lactones from Trichospiras verticillata
Benatrehina, PA; Pan, L; Naman, CB; Chai, HB; Ninh, TN; Soejarto, DD; Rakotondraibe, LH; Kinghorn, AD: Investigation of the antiproliferative activity of Linociera ramiflora and its isolates
Hawwal, M; Koo, KA; Porter, JR: Extraction of isoflavonoids from Iresine herbstii
Liu, Y; Garzon, J; Friesen, JB; Lankin, DC; McAlpine, JB; Chen, SN; Pauli, GF: Recovery of metabolites from natural deep eutectic solvent matrices by countercurrent separation
Leyte-Lugo, M; Foil, DH; Todd, DA; Britton, ER; Cech, NB: Alkaloids, flavanones and other compounds new to Goldenseal (Hydrastis canadensis)
Presley, CC; Krai, P; Dala, S; Cassera, M; Goetz, M; Kingston, DGI: Two new potent antimalarial alkaloids, cripowellins C and D, from the swamp Lily crinum erubescens
Wu, SB; Petrova, V; Yue, GGL; Negrin, A; D'Armiento, JM; Lau, CBS; Kennelly, EJ: Bioactivity of polyphenols from Jaboticaba wood
Xiao, HH; Chan, CO; Wong, KC; Kam-wah, DM; Chan, SW; Cooper, R; Yao, XS; Wong, MS: Lignans from Sambucus williasmii hance against osteoporosis: A pharmacodynamic and pharmacokinetic study
Odoh Uchenna, E; Tchimene, M; Okoye Festus, BC; Ezugwu, CO; Osadaebe, PO; Ezejiofor, M: Antimicrobial activity of constituents isolated from seeds of Picralima nitida (Stapf) TH. & H. (apocynaceae)
Flores-Bocanegra, L; Pérez-Vásquez, A; Bye, R; Linares, E; Mata, R: α-glucosidase inhibitors from Vauquelinia corymbosa
Gao, W; Kaadige, MR; Zhang, Z; Dahlberg, CJ; Babish, JG; Kou, X; Tripp, ML: A novel natural product blend exhibits synergestic antioxidant activity
Rajgopal, A; Missler, SR; Roloff, SJ; Scholten, JD: Magnolia bark extract is a potent Nrf2 activator
Rojas-Silva, P; Tumer, TB; Pulev, A; Raskin, I; Waterman, C: Antioxidant activity of Moringa oleifera isothiocyanates
Espindola, LS; Wilson, B; Beutler, JA; Gustafson, KR; O'Keefe, BR: Brazilian cerrado biome plant extract bank screening in inflammatory disease and cancer enzymes
Lovelace, ES; Kline, T; Olivas, K; Wagoner, J; Oberlies, NH; Combet, C; Anderson, LN; Smith, RD; Wright, AT; Polyak, SJ: Identification of cellular protein targets of silymarin-derived flavonolignans
Kumarihamy, M; Wang, YH; Leon, F; Wang, M; Smesler, A; Cutler, SJ; Khan, IA; Muhammad, I: Isolation, chemical profiling, and standardization of betaine, choline, acetylcholine, and 20-hydroxyecdysone from Atriplex species
Sang-ngern, M; Youn, UJ; Park, EJ; Kondratyuk, TP; Miklossy, G; Walla, MM; Simmons, CJ; Turkson, J; Pezzuto, JM; Chang, LC: Anticancer potential of withanolides and its derivatives from Physalis peruviana (POHA)
Kumarihamy, M; Leon, F; Pettaway, S; Lambert, J; Hill, C; Wang, M; Wilson, L; McCurdy, CR; ElSohly, M; Cutler, SJ; Muhammad, I: In vitro opioid receptor displacement affinity and in vitro behavioral studies by tetrad assay of Nelumbo nucifera flower
Negrin, A; Motley, TJ; Kennelly, EJ: LC-MS metabolomics and chemotaxonomy of Ilex species
Delgoda, R; Kandagatla, SK; Ranor, G; Brantley, E; Badal, S; Francis, S; Jacobs, H: Novel quassinoid from Jamaican Castela macrophylla blocks induction of cytochrome P450 1 enzymes and luciferase genes