DOI : 10.1055/s-00000036


Issue S 02 · Volume 99 · May 2020 DOI: 10.1055/s-010-48734

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Hals-Nasen-Ohren-Heilkunde, Kopf- und Hals-Chirurgie e.V., Bonn
Abstract- und Posterband – 91. Jahresversammlung der Deutschen Gesellschaft für HNO-Heilkunde, Kopf- und Hals-Chirurgie e.V., Bonn – Welche Qualität macht den Unterschied
Estrel Congress Center Berlin, 20.05 - 23.05.2020

Präsident: Prof. Dr. med. Andreas Dietz

Gurr, André; Aach, M; Dazert, S: Cerumen in spinal cord trauma
Kamal, B; Scholtz, Lars-Uwe; Sudhoff, H; Todt, I: Eustachian Tube dilatation in patients with orofacial clefts
Köhnlein, S; Müller-Mazzotta, J; Schulze, M; Weiß, R; Stuck, BA.; Reimann, K: Hearing rehabilitation by Cochlea Implantat in a case of Auditory Synaptopathy
Müller, C; Stoppe, T; Anand, S; Mota, C; Danti, S; Moroni, L; Bornitz, M; Neudert, M: Functional properties of eardrum replacement scaffolds from tissue engineering techniques
Pirlich, M; Dietz, A; Weber-Chüo, T; Rockstroh, M; Franke, S; Neumuth, T: Clinical evaluation of an integrated OR based on open standards in Cochlea-Implant-Surgery
Schade-Mann, T; Vona, B; Tropitzsch, A; Schneider, F; Müller, M; Biskup, S; Löwenheim, H: DFNA37 (autosomal dominant non-syndromic hearing loss 37) is caused by COL11A1 variants – confirmatory evidence by a novel splicing variant
Schlegel, M; Todt, I; Sudhoff, H: Patulous eustachian tube with ipsilateral deafness
Steinke, Kim Vanessa; Welkoborsky, Hans-Jürgen: A rare manifestation of a Wegener's granulomatosis
Stoppe, T; von Witzleben, M; Bornitz, M; Ahlfeld, T; Gelinsky, M; Neudert, M: Vibration properties of MEW PCL scaffolds as biomimetic tympanic membrane replacements
Sudhoff, H; Todt, I; Scholtz, Lars-Uwe; Ay, N: A Novel Technique for Patulous Eustachian Tube Surgery
Weil, S; Sudhoff, H; Todt, I: Complications after Eustachian Tube Dilatation
Adams, D; Esser-Leyding, B; Büchner, A; Lesinski-Schiedat, A; Lenarz, T; Illg, A: Understanding of instruction in case of congenitally deafness and cochlear implants on both sides
Aljubeh, M; Gürkov, R; Sudhoff, H; Todt, I: Comparison of cochlear-implant magnets and their MRI-artifact size
Altindal, R; Scholtz, Lars-Uwe; Gehl, Hans-Björn; Sudhoff, H; Todt, I: Choosing MRI sequences in cochlear implantees
Artukarslan, Eralp-Niyazi; Matin, F; Donnerstag, Frank Georg Friedrich; Lenarz, T; Lesinski-Schiedat, A: Cochlea implant in patients with superficial siderosis
Bradler, M; Helmstädter, V; Maier, H; Salcher, Rolf-Benedikt; Lenarz, T; Haumann, S: Intraoperative cochlear monitoring by use of an extracochlear electrode for the prediction of residual hearing loss
Fenov, L; Warnecke, A; Salcher, R; Kludt, E; Lenarz, T; Prenzler, N: Cochlear implantation in otosclerosis: Functional, technical, radiological and surgical aspects
Gamerdinger, P; Glang, P; Schade-Mann, T; Schneider, F; Adel, Y; Löwenheim, H; Tropitzsch, A; Müller, M: Consequences for CI length selection derived from the preoperative human cochlear duct length estimation and frequency map modeling
Giourgas, A; Kludt, E; Lenarz, T: Problematic Compliance after Cochlear Implantation
Guderian, D; Helbig, S; Kramer, S; Burck, I; Stöver, T; Diensthuber, M: Diagnostics prior cochlear implant surgery in children with consanguineous parents
Gürtler, S; Radeloff, A; Wagener, K; Meis, M; Hessel, H; Zokoll, M: Audiological Evaluation of the MFi Connectivity in bimodal listeners with Nucleus 7 Sound Processor
Häußler, SM; Knopke, S; Gräbel, S; Kufeld, M; Förster, U; Olze, H: Vestibular schwannoma and CI - a challenging indication with the possibility of hearing rehabilitation
Hammel, S; Fuchs, M; Schönwiesner, M; Meuret, S; Ludwig, A: Development of spatial hearing during the two-year rehabilitation after CI implantation.
Haßkamp, P; Holtmann, L; Lang, S; Bagus, H; Arweiler-Harbeck, D: Results after simultaneous bilateral cochlear implantation in small children
Helbig, S; Baumann, U; Leinung, M; Stöver, T; Weißgerber, T: SSD-EAS: Electric-acoustic Stimulation with Contralateral Normal Hearing
Höing, B; Kirchhoff, L; Arnolds, J; Hansen, S; Hussain, T; Lang, S; Steinmann, Jörg; Arweiler-Harbeck, D: Bacterial biofilms on cochlear implants – visualization of an altered morphology after the application of bioactive glass (BAG)
Holtmann, L; Hans, S; Strahlenbach, A; Lang, S; Arweiler-Harbeck, D: Contralateral suppression in bimodal provided adults
Illg, A; van Diedenhoven-Rasumow, V; Kügler, LM; Lenarz, T: Evaluation of the Speech Comprehension after Chorus Sound Processor Upgrade
Jansen, S; Nolte, A; Meyer, M; Lüers, Jan-Christoffer; Fürstenberg, D; Müller, V; Klußmann, JP; Lang-Roth, R: Diving or flying with cochlear implant? Investigations in a hypo / hyperbaric pressure chamber
Klenzner, T; Schatton, D; Gnadlinger, F; Selmanagic, André; Richter, J; Werminghaus, M: An approach to an intelligent training system for cochlea implant users - how to motivate hearing
Kley, D; Lesinski-Schiedat, A; Timm, M; Büchner, A; Illg, A; Lenarz, T: Treatment of High Tone Deafness with Electric-Natural Stimulation (ENS) - Audiological Results
Krüger, C; Matin, F; Rossberg, W; Lenarz, T; Lesinski- Schiedat, A: Investigation of vestibular function after cochlear implantation at the time of primary care
Kurz, C; Müller-Mazzotta, J; Stuck, Boris A.; Weiß, R; Reimann, K: Evaluation of speech understanding in long-term deaf patients after cochlear implantation
Leinung, M; Loth, AG; Gröger, M; Weiß, R; Stöver, T: Low-cost CI electrode and cochlea dummies for minimally-invasive insertion training
Lenarz, T; Timm, ME; Salcher, R; Prenzler, N; Lesinski-Schiedat, A; Büchner, A: The Concept of Individual Partial Electrode Insertion in Patients with Functional Residual Hearing
Mlynski, R; Weiss, N; Dhanasingh, A; Schulze, M; Langner, Sönke; Schraven, S: Surgical approach for EAS patients with loss of residual hearing
Müller-Graff, Franz-Tassilo; Völker, J; Taeger, J; Schendzielorz, P; Kurz, A; Neun, T; Hagen, R; Rak, K: Implementation of flat-panel-volume-tomography and OTOPLAN® software leads to quality enhancement for anatomically based cochlear implantation
Polk, Marie-Luise; Franke-Trieger, A; Bendas, A; Neudert, M; Zahnert, T: CI Performance Of Patients After Vestibular Schwannoma Therapy
Rau, Thomas S.; Zuniga, M. Geraldine; Salcher, R; Lenarz, T: The Cochlea Hydro Drive
Riemann, C; Scholtz, Lars-Uwe; Sudhoff, H; Todt, I: Influence of internal factors on experimental intracochlear pressure measurement
Roßberg, W; Zanoni, A; Matin, F; Krüger, C; Giourgas, A; Krüger, O; Nogueira, W; Büchner, A; Kral, A; Lenarz, T; Lesinski-Schiedat, A: Reimplantation as an upgrade with extension of the cochlear coverage
Roßkothen-Kuhl, N; Buck, A; Mayer, S; Khurana, L; Li, K; Knopf, A; Schnupp, Jan W: Onset Weighting of Temporal Spatial Cues with bilateral Cochlear Implant Stimulation
Schraven, SP; Großmann, W; Weiss, N; Oberhoffner, T; Mlynski, R: Objective diagnostics by eBERA in the resection of vestibular schwannoma
Sosnik, C; Marek, A; Dazert, S; Volkenstein, S: Dissociative Sensory Disturbance of Inner Ear Function– A Case Study
Steffens, M; Timm, ME; Salcher, RB; Lenarz, T; Boruchov, A; Warnecke, A; Büchner, A: Comparison of the individual electrode position after cochlear implantation with the patient-specific C and T levels
Strieth, S; Siemer, S; Gül, D; Stauber, R; Heinrich, U; Ernst, B: Effects of electrode assay insertions on the microcirculation of the cochlear lateral wall in vivo
Timm, M; Degen, CV; Roßberg, W; Lenarz, T; Andreas, Büchner; Rolf, S: A preoperative 3D model for predicting the postoperative electrode position in cochlear implantation
Tropitzsch, A; Müller, M; Dofek, S; Gamerdinger, P; Löwenheim, H; Vona, B: Re-Classification of the Causes of Hereditary Hearing Impairment based on past data
Völter, C; Stöckmann, C; Schirmer, C; Bilda, K; Weiler, L; Kampmann, D; Dazert, S: New concepts of CI rehabilitation
Volk, GF; Aschenbach, R; Gadyuchko, M; Bitter, T; Koscielny, S; Teichgräber, U; Guntinas-Lichius, O: Improved imaging of temporal bone for planning the access to the stapedius muscle using cone beam CT technology (Dyna CTTM)
Volkenstein, S; Lehmann, M; Loke, L; Dazert, S: Indications and surgical challenges in cochlear-re-implantation
von Mitzlaff, C; Veraguth, D; Dalbert, A; Winkelhofer, S; Huber, A; Röösli, C: Electrode Dislocation after Cochlea Implantation
Weiss, R; Linke, A; Loth, A; Fischer, K; Kramer, S; Leinung, M; Stöver, T; Helbig, S: Systematic examination of complications after MRI in patients with hearing implants
Weißgerber, T; Eichenauer, A; Stöver, T; Baumann, U: Impact of noise on listening effort in cochlear implant users
Zanoni, A; Nogueira, W; Rossberg, W; Büchner, A; Lenarz, T; Lesinski-Schiedat, A: Application of psychoacoustic test in late reimplantation with wide cochlear coverage
Busch, Susan; Willenborg, Kerstin; Salcher, RB; Lenarz, Thomas; Maier, Hannes: First results with the active osseointegrated implant system Osia® in patients with single-sided deafness
Caversaccio, Marco; Wimmer, Wilhelm; Huber, Alexander; Linder, Thomas; Hempel, John-Martin; Frenzel, Henning: Clinical Benefit of the Bonebridge in Single-Sided Deafness: Multi-Center Study Results after 24-Month Follow-Up
Kaulitz, Stefan; Geiger, Ute; Shehata-Dieler, Wafaa; Kurz, Anja; Cebulla, Mario; Rak, Kristen; Hagen, Rudolf: Direct-Drive-Audiometry and Direct-Drive-ABR – new subjective and objective audiologic measurements for Vibroplasty-patients
Knölke, Nicole; Murawski, Dawid; Willenborg, Kerstin; Maier, Hannes; Busch, Susan; Lenarz, Thomas: First results of the treatment of conductive hearing loss with the BCI602 (MED-EL) bone-conducting hearing-implant
Koitschev, Assen; Berger, Nadine; Ulmer, Antje; Amrhein, Peter; Koitschev, Christiane: First experience with an active bone conduction implant system fixed by selfdrilling screws
Lailach, Susen; Lasurashvili, Nikoloz; Seidler, Hannes; Schuster, Ines; Neudert, Marcus; Zahnert, Thomas: Carina implantation in patients with mixed hearing loss: Influence of coupling site on speech comprehension
Maier, Hannes; Gamm, Ute A.; Prenzler, Nils K.; Salcher, Rolf B.; Timm, Max; Lenarz, Thomas: Effect of pressure changes on middle ear actuator coupling efficiency
Pavlidis, Pavlos; Backmeister, Silke; Majdani, Omid: Objective Measures by VSB-Patients-The Chirp-Stimuli. First results
Rahne, Torsten; Fröhlich, Laura; Oberhoffner, Tobias; Dziemba, Oliver; Gadyuchko, Maria; Müller, Alexander: Intraoperative Monitoring of Coupling Efficiency for the Floating Mass Transducer - Results of a Multicenter Study
Rak, Kristen; Geiger, Ute; Cebulla, Mario; Taeger, Johannes; Wickert, Eva; Kaulitz, Stefan; Hagen, Rudolf: Application of intraoperative real-time monitoring of the VSB®transmission efficiency in revision and malformation cases
Seiwerth, Ingmar; Fröhlich, Laura; Schilde, Sebastian; Götze, Gerrit; Plontke, Stefan; Rahne, Torsten: Clinical and Functional Results after Implantation of a Semi-implantable, Active, Transcutaneous Bone Conduction Hearing Device in Children and Adults
Taeger, Johannes; Bogar, Michael; Cebulla, Mario; Geiger, Ute; Hagen, Rudolf; Rak, Kristen: Intraoperative real-time monitoring of VSB transmission efficiency
Travniczek, Anke; Stöver, Timo; Kramer, Sabine: Vibrant Soundbridge in children - an audiological evaluation
Wickert, Eva; Schendzielorz, Philipp; Kaulitz, Stefan; Kurz, Anja; Shehata-Dieler, Wafaa; Hagen, Rudolf; Rak, Kristen: Longitudinal long-term examination of the audiological outcome and the complication rate after implantation of the Bonebridge®
Avallone, Emilio; Schmitt, Heike; Lilli, Giorgio; Warnecke, Athanasia; Lesinski-Schiedat, Anke; Lenarz, Thomas; Willenborg, Kerstin: Otolin-1 levels as possible signs of inner ear damage
Botzen, Jannik; Großmann, Wima; Langner, Sönke; Mlynski, Robert: A pneumolabyrinth as a rare cause of deafness of the last hearing ear
Büsching, Carolyn; Radulescu, Luminita; Laszig, Roland; Birkenhäger, Ralf: Rare non-syndromic prelingual hearing disorders in a southeast European patient collective
Christidi, Natalia; Pietsch, Markus; Schwab, Burkard: post-traumatic stress disorder- a psychiatric disease conceals underlying diagnosis
Draf, CS; Chavez, Eduardo; Pak, Kwang; Leichtle, Anke; Dazert, Stefan; Ryan, Allen F: An In Vivo Model As An Approach To Deliver Potential Therapies For Noise-Induced Hair Cell Loss
Effertz, Thomas; Hehlert, Philip; Beutner, Dirk; Göpfert, Martin C.: Probing Force Relay in Drosophila Hearing
Kampshoff, Christoph; Schaeper, Jannis; Duque Afonso, Carlos; Beutner, Dirk; Salditt, Tim; Moser, Tobias; Meyer, Alexander: Investigating age-related hearing loss in the primate cochlea
Oestreicher, David; Picher, MM; Moser, Tobias; Pangrsic, Tina: The Role of CaBP1 and 2 in Hair Cell Synaptic Function
Paasche, Gerrit; Goblet, Madeleine; Fröhllich, Max; Lenarz, Thomas: Potential new substances for reduction of fibrous tissue growth after cochlear implantation
Rülke, Franziska; Arndt, Susan; Aschendorff, Antje; Knopf, Andreas; Birkenhäger, Ralf: Systematic characterization of non-syndromal genetic hearing disorders
Schmitt, Heike; Pich, Andreas; Warnecke, Athanasia; Prenzler, Nils; Durisin, Martin; Lenarz, Thomas: Updated information about hearing performance one year after cochlear implantation by proteomic profiling of human perilymph
Schneider, Fritz; Schade-Mann, Thore; Gamerdinger, Philipp; Lenarz, Thomas: Acute hearing loss due to intracochlear leukemic infiltration of CLL
Schulze, Jennifer; Gimona, Mario; Rohde, Eva; Staecker, Hinrich; Lenarz, Thomas; Warnecke, Athanasia: Extracellular Vesicles as a New Cell-Based but Cell-Free Delivery System for BDNF
Thomas, JP; Dazert, Stefan; Völter, Christiane: Ludwig van Beethoven's deafness revisited - An overview of his 250th birthday
von Bernstorff, Maximilian; Pudszuhn, Anett; Obermüller, Theresa; Hofmann, VM: Frequency of hospitalized Vestibular neuronitis cases in Germany
Warnecke, Athanasia; Schulze, Jennifer; Wille, Inga; Lenarz, Thomas; Behrens, Peter: Fiber-based neural guidance scaffold
Willenborg, Kerstin; Warnecke, Athanasia; Grosser, Desiree; Götz, Friedrich; Lenarz, Thomas; Giesemann, Anja: Intracochlear late enhancement in magnetic resonance tomography in patients with hearing loss or vestibular disorders
Aigner, Michael; Tsoures, Elene; Mangalo, Paula; Zenk, Johannes: Bilateral hearing loss with meningitis carcinomatosa
Bader, Katharina; Zelle, Dennis; Dierkes, Linda; Gummer, Anthony; Löwenheim, Hubert; Dalhoff, Ernst: Test-retest-variability of objective auditory-threshold estimation using short-pulse DPOAE level maps
Ehrmann-Müller, Désirée; Cebulla, Mario; Hagen, Rudolf; Shehata-Dieler, Wafaa: Can the ASSR be misleading in the diagnosis of auditory neuropathy spectrum disorder (ANSD)?
Hecker, Dietmar; Eckrich, Stephanie; Engel, Jutta; Mathieu, Saskia; Linxweiler, Maximilian; Simon, Astrid; Metzler, Patrick; Schick, Bernhard: Using intelligent algorithms on singlesweeps to evaluate thresholds and waveforms of brainstem evoked response audiometry (BERA) on animal model
Lentzen, Anna-Lena; Klußmann, JP; Lüers, Jan-Christoffer: The effects of experimentally induced increased intracranial pressure on pure tone audiometry
Löhler, Jan; Guy, Sarah; Wollenberg, Barbara; Schönweiler, Rainer: The curve of intelligibility for the Freiburg mono-syllabic test in noise with fixed SNR of 5 dB
Radeloff, Andreas; Krüger, Melanie; Minde, Jorena; Gürtler, Silke; Müller, Jana: Longitudinal assessment of the hearing effort of CI patients using ACALES
Riepl, Ricarda; Hoffmann, TK; Goldberg-Bockhorn, Eva; Schönpflug, Daniel; Graf, Bernd: Frequency spectrum and noise level in the human ear durin cycling- a simulation in the wind tunnel
von Grote, Markus; Arndt, Susan; Aschendorff, Antje; Beck, Rainer; Speck, Iva: Single-Sided Deafness as Pseudohypacusis
Berndt, Sabrina; Bozzato, Victoria; Scheuer, Veronika; Schick, Bernhard: Dramatic course of an initial mild dizziness symptoms up to the life-threatening clinical picture
Deuß, Eric; Arweiler Harbeck, Diana; Lang, Stephan; Eyth, CP: The Cogan I Syndrome - A Diagnosis by Exclusion
Dlugaiczyk, Julia; Habs, Maximilian; Dieterich, Marianne: Is it Menière’s disease or vestibular migraine? cVEMPs make the difference
Ilgner, Justus; Renson, Ariane; Duong Dinh, TA; Westhofen, Martin: Treatment of Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo by Means of a Three-Dimensional Rotating Chair
Pudszuhn, Annett; Schönfeld, Uwe; Heinzelmann, Annette; Sodoudi, Sahar; Hofmann, VM: Acute Neuropathia vestibularis in the seasonal course
Reinhardt, Sophia; Schmidt, Joshua; Leuschel, Michael; Schüle, Christiane; Schipper, Jörg: VertiGo - Pilot project for nystagmus detection via webcam
Schönfeld, Uwe; Pudszuhn, Annett; Heiss, Marie-Anne; Hofmann, Veit; Müller, Steffen: Is the risk of kinetosis lower in future autonomous driving cars?
Speck, Iva; Thurow, Johannes; Blazhenets, Ganna; Wesarg, Thomas; Aschendorff, Antje; Sörensen, Arnd; Mix, Michael; Frings, Lars; Meyer, Philipp T.; Arndt, Susan: Validation of PET as an examination method for neuronal processes of mono- and binaural speech recognition
Stoycheva, Ivelina; Spiegel, Jennifer; Canis, Martin; Ihler, Friedrich: Functional results after endolymphatic sac surgery in 72 patients with Menière´s disease
Warken, Christian; Hülse, Roland; Rotter, Nicole; Stuck, Boris A.; Freuschle, Alexandra; Schell, Angela: What happens to spontaneous nystagmus during sleep in patients with acute unilateral vestibulopathy?
Wigand, Marlene C. C.; Wunderlich, Arthur; Goldberg-Bockhorn, Eva; Hoffmann, Thomas K.; Beer, Meinrad; Shenton, Martha E.; Bouix, Sylvain: Microstructural Alterations of the Auditory nerve and Central auditory pathways in unilateral sensorineural hearing deficiency – a DTI study
Aristeidou, A; Lehnert, B; Bremert, T; Hosemann, W; Kaftan, H: Tinnitus associated to middle ear surgery and correlation to the audiometric data.
Psatha, S; Brüggemann, P; Seydel, C; Böcking, B; Amarjargal, N; Mazurek, B: Correlations between tinnitus and cognitive abilities
Reich, U; Szczepek, A; Somerlik-Fuchs, Karin H.; Uecker, Florian C.; Gräbel, S; Vater, J; Olze, H: Technical evaluation of a middle ear-based implant for tinnitus suppression
Vielsmeier, V; Biesinger, E; Langguth, B; Schlee, W; Simoes, J: Injections of lidocaine of trigeminal structures in therapy of tinnitus patients
Wolpert, S; Hofmeier, B; Refat, F; Hinrichs, P; Rüttiger, L; Klose, U; Knipper, M: Functional differences between tinnitus and tinnitus/hyperacusis patients
Guchlerner, L; Gabrielpillai, J; Hogardt, M; Burck, I; Stöver, T; Diensthuber, M: Diagnosis and therapy of osteomyelitis of the temporal bone
Marzouk, O; Scholtz, Uwe-Lars; Todt, I; Sudhoff, H: A rare case of a high-riding jugular bulb
Plontke, S; Caye-Thomasen, P; Strauss, C; Wagner, L; Fröhlich, L; Liebau, A; Siebolts, U; Hoffman, K; Kösling, S; Rahne, T: Surgical management of transmodiolar, transmacular, and multilocular vestibular and cochlear schwannomas with or without hearing rehabilitation with cochlear implants
Schultes, L; Ehrmann-Müller, Desirée; Krannich, Jens-Holger; Hagen, R; Scheich, M: Changes in pre- and postoperative Quality-of-life of patients with small acoustic neuromas
Bendas, A; Bornitz, M; Oßmann, S; Metasch, Marie-Luise; Zahnert, T; Neudert, M: Estimation of prosthesis lengths using digital surgery microscopes - experiments in human temporal bones
Bevis, N; Schwarz, D; Effertz, T; Pazen, D; Beutner, D: Nitinol in passive ossicular reconstruction - first preclinical results
Bezas, V; Hammersen, J; Stahl, U; Issing, PR: An epitympanic radiogaphic opacity is not always a cholesteatom
Dengelbayeva, S; Langer, Jörg: Facial nerve schwannoma (FNS) as operative findings
Euteneuer, S; Maier, S; Preyer, S; Kourtidis, S; Lehnerdt, G; Winterhoff, S; Dalchow, CV.; Müller-Jenckel, F; Sudhoff, HH.; Schröder, S; Koitschev, A; Amrhein, P; Bruchhage, KL; Leichtle, A; Güldner, C; Grulich-Henn, J; Jensen, K; Pohl, M; Plinkert, Peter K.; Tisch, M: Balloon Eustachian tuboplasty (BET) in children with general or localized retractions of the tympanic membrane: subgroup analysis of a retrospective multicenter study
Gey, A; Wittlinger, J; Seiwerth, I; Kösling, S; Plontke, S: Stapes revision surgery in two cases of high grade prosthesis dislocation
Jakob, T; Arndt, S; Aschendorff, A; Beck, R; Knopf, A; Ketterer, M: The cholesteatoma of the petrous apex: resection via an infracochlear approach
Leichtle, A; Draf, CS; Ryan, Allen F.; Bruchhage, Karl-Ludwig: Immunomodulation in Cholesteatoma
Lüers, Jan-Christoffer; Klußmann, JP: Predatory Journals in Otology
Meyermann, S; Schaller, T; Zenk, J; Strenger, T: Actinomyces infection of the middle ear - a case report
Morgenstern, J; Kemper, M; Golde, J; Schindler, M; Kirsten, L; Gunder, N; Bornitz, M; Neudert, M; Koch, E; Zahnert, T: Evaluation of middle ear reconstruction by endoscopic Optical Coherence Tomography
Schmitt, M; Andrianopoulou, S; Feist, K; Lippert, B: Case Report: Middle ear tuberculosis
Schwarz, D; Pazen, D; Lüers, Jan-Christoffer; Hüttenrbink, KB: Effect of the middle ear muscles on the acoustic transfer function in the temporal bone model
Seyedahmadi, P; Gruhlke, A; Schönfeld, U; Jovanovic, S; Hofmann, Veit M.; Albers, A: Long term development of the air-bone gap after primary- and revision-CO2- Laser-Stepedotomy
Wilfling, T; Krüger, P; Paasche, G; Stein, T; Ezzat, M; Lenarz, T; Schuon, R: Simulating an Eustachian Tube Dysfunktion in Sheep’s head cadaver
Alhazmi, B; Dagistani, A; Salcher, R; Lenarz, T; Teschner, M: Skull base Osteomyelitis: challenges and Therapy outcomes.
Kristin, J; Glaas, M; Schäfer, R; Karadag, C; Cornelius, JF; Schipper, J: Does health-related quality of life improve for patients after vestibular swannoma removal ?