DOI : 10.1055/s-00000036


Issue S 02 · Volume 99 · May 2020 DOI: 10.1055/s-010-48734

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Hals-Nasen-Ohren-Heilkunde, Kopf- und Hals-Chirurgie e.V., Bonn
Abstract- und Posterband – 91. Jahresversammlung der Deutschen Gesellschaft für HNO-Heilkunde, Kopf- und Hals-Chirurgie e.V., Bonn – Welche Qualität macht den Unterschied
Estrel Congress Center Berlin, 20.05 - 23.05.2020

Präsident: Prof. Dr. med. Andreas Dietz

Becker, S; Potthast, G; Gonser, P; Breuer, T; Wolpert, S; Löwenheim, H; Fröhlich, M; Ernst, B: Structured reporting of panendoscopies in otolaryngology – a preliminary study
Böhm, F; Schuler, P; Doescher, J; Greve, J; Hoffmann, TK.; Theodoraki, Marie-Nicole: Primary small cell neuroendocrine carcinoma of the larynx: a case report
Coordes, A; Boekert, R; Olze, H; Hofmann, V; Heiland, M; Piwonski, I; Stromberger, C: Carcinoma of unknown primary and the 8th Edition TNM Classification for Head and Neck Cancer
Däxle, S; Mühlmeier, G; Tisch, M: Mucosal melanoma at the maxillar sinus– a rare disease
Eckrich, J; Kugler, P; Welz, C; Strieth, S; Brieger, Jürgen; Becker, S: Effects of cold atmospheric plasma on solid tumors in ovo - An exploratory study using the HET Cam model
Mansour, N; Knopf, A; Hofauer, B: Neck dissection Level II-IV – How we do it
Scherzad, A; Stöth, M; Hagen, R; Hackenberg, S: Clinical and molecular analysis of sinunasal melanomas
Schild, LR.; Dürselen, L; Böhm, F; Greve, J; Seywald, A; Boos, M; Hoffmann, TK.; Schuler, PJ.: Transoral videolaryngoscopic surgery of the larynx: Prototype with flexible surgical instruments provides appropriate visualization and accessibility
Schuler, PJ.; Tews, D; Brunner, C; Laban, S; Döscher, J; Zinngrebe, J; Wabitsch, M; Debatin, Klaus-Michael; Möller, P; Hoffmann, TK.; Fischer-Posovszky, P: Cervical adipocytes and tumor cells interact in patients with head and neck cancer
Schulz, F; Andrianopoulou, S; Schmitt, M; Lippert, B: Case Report: Skin adnexal carcinoma of the upper lip
Trommer, J; Lörincz, BB.; Czilwik, T; Barth, C: Robotic-assisted use of the FAMM-flap to cover TORS-defects
Zech, Henrike Barbara; Betz, CS; Kriegs, M; Köcher, S; Mansour, W; Möckelmann, N; Böttcher, A; Busch, Chia-Jung; Petersen, C; Rothkamm, K; Rieckmann, T: Ex-vivo slice cultures of tumor tissues confirm the DNA double-strand break repair defect of HPV-positive OPSCC and suggest a defect in the ATM-mediated DNA damage response
Zhu, Z; Luo, D; Wollenberg, B; Feuerecker, B; Eiber, M; Pickhard, A: Treatment of PSMA-255-Actinium therapy induced xerostomia in patients with prostate cancer
Affolter, A; Rong, C; Muller, MF.; Xiang, F; Jensen, A; Weichert, W; Major, G; Plinkert, PK.; Rotter, N; Heß, J: Adaptive ERK1/2 signalling as a response to HNSCC therapy
Bast, H; Wilkat, M; Drees, R; Dünser, J; Brhel, M; Azoitei, N; Marienfeld, R; Frank, F; Ushmorov, A; Greve, J; Goldberg-Bockhorn, E; Theodoraki, Marie-Nicole; Döscher, J; Laban, S; Schuler, P; Hoffmann, TK.; Brunner, C: Adenosine receptor 2B activity promotes autonomous growth, migration as well as vascularization of head and neck squamous cell carcinoma cells
Becker, B; Rieckmann, T; Betz, C; Busch, Chia-Jung; Droste, C; Clauditz, T; Münscher, A; Hagel, C: The predictive role of Axl and Gas6 in patients with squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck
Brand, M; Krüger, J; Greve, J; Theodoraki, Marie Nicole; Döscher, J; Laban, S; Schuler, PJ; Hoffmann, TK; Brunner, C: Characterization of adenosine receptor A2A (ADORA2A) mediated effects on the immunogenic tumor microenvironment (TME) in a head and neck squamous cell carcinoma (HNSCC) mouse model
Brunner, C; Mahr, A; Bast, H; Drees, R; Dünser, J; Azoitei, N; Pscheid, R; Greve, J; Theodoraki, Marie-Nicole; Döscher, J; Laban, S; Schuler, PJ.; Hoffmann, TK.: Hif-1α-dependent expression of Adenosine Receptor 2B (ADORA2B) promotes autonomous growth, EMT as well as CSC enrichment in cultures of cells derived from head and neck squamous cell carcinomas
Busch, Chia-Jung; von der Heyde, E; Welslau, M; Hahn, D; Bockmühl, U; Langer, C; Müller-Huesmann, H; Gauler, T; Waldenberger, D; Dietz, A: HANNA – Real-world data on effectiveness and safety of Nivolumab in patients with recurrent or metastatic (R/M) squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck (SCCHN) in Germany
Deeg, N; Pfeiffer, J; Knopf, A; Becker, C; Ketterer, Manuel Christoph: Surgical nodal management in hypopharyngeal and laryngeal cancer
Döscher, J; Minkenberg, P; Schuler, P; Laban, S; Hoffmann, TK.; Weissinger, S: Changes of immune checkpoint expression under conventional radiochemotherapy of head and neck carcinomas
Eberle, F; Lautenschläger, S; Hauswald, H; Jensen, A; Dumke, C; Engenhart-Cabillic, R: Carbonion-boost (C12) followed by radiochemotherapy with photons as organ preservingProcedure for SCC of the Nasal Vestibule
Eyth, Christian Peter; Hansen, S; Bruderek, K; Schirrmann, R; Petra, A; Wey, K; Kollenda, S; Hackel, A; Vollmer, S; Lang, S; Epple, M; Brandau, S: Cetuximab-conjugated Nanoparticles as drug delivery systems. Distribution and biological effects on epithelial and mesenchymal cells in the head and neck area
Fazel, A; Quabius, Elgar Susanne; Laudien, M; Hoffmann, M: HPV-DNA in sputum cannot be used to distinguish between an infection or a contamination
Foerster, Y; Diensthuber, M; Balster, S; Gabrielpillai, J; Petzold, H; Wagenblast, J; Stöver, T; Geißler, C: Neurotrophin receptors - prognostic markers and therapeutic targets for HNSCC?
Gehrt, F; Rudhart, Stefan Alexander; Geisthoff, U; Birk, R; Stuck, Boris Alexander; Hoch, S; Thangavelu, K: Value of CYFRA 21-1 as a tumor marker in the context of treatment for advanced laryngeal- and hypopharyngeal cancer
Gostian, Antoniu - Oreste; Hecht, M; Eckstein, M; Rutzner, S; von der Grün, J; Illmer, T; Hautmann, M; Brunner, T; Laban, S; Klautke, G; Tamaskovics, B; Frey, B; Hartmann, A; Rödel, C; Budach, W; Gaipl, U; Fitkau, R; Iro, H: First-line treatment of locally advanced HNSCC with double checkpoint inhibition and radiotherapy based on CD8+ T cell infiltration.
Haase, MW.; Langer, Jörg: Rare endonasal tumors
Hadas, S; Feigl, K; Wollenberg, B; Pickhard, A; Buchberger, M: Head and neck tumor- patient follow -up care – signs and symptoms to look for
Hess, J; Feng, B; Shen, Y; Huang, Q; Pastor Hostench, X; Bieg, M; Plath, M; Huber, P; Ishaque, N; Eils, R; Freier, K; Weichert, W; Zaoui, K: Genetic and epigenetic landscape of the molecular immuno-signature in HNSCC
Hofmann, L; Brunner, C; Schuler, P; Hoffmann, T; Laban, S; Theodoraki, Marie-Nicole: Characterization of circulating exosomes as biomarkers for therapy monitoring in Head and Neck cancer (HNSCC) patients
Idel, C; Krupar, R; Watermann, C; Pasternack, H; Ribbat-Idel, J; Perner, S; Wollenberg, B: Primary and local recurrent head and neck squamous cell carcinomas are strikingly different regarding their immune microenvironment
Jakobi, Paul Joseph; Hackenberg, S; Ehrmann-Müller, Désirée; Hagen, R: Cervical metastasis of male breast cancer
Jira, D; Ganser, D; Rudelius, M; Wollenberg, B; Buchberger, M; Pickhard, A: Tumor heterogeneity of immunoactive cells as a possible prognostic marker in HNSCC
Kemper, M; Olesch, Falk-Tony; Schneider, M; Lehnert, R; Linge, A; Haim, D; Lauer, Günter; Gudziol, V; Löck, S; Baumann, M; Barreton, G; Krause, M; Zahnert, T: Retrospective und prospective biomarker studies in early stage HNSCC- first clinical results-
Knopf, A; Pickhard, A; Fritsche, K; El Shabrawi, K: TIMP1 as molecular marker in distant metastatic outgrowth
Kühn, Jan Philipp; Bochen, F; Schick, B; Wagner, M; Bohle, Rainer Maria; Smola, S; Linxweiler, M: Podoplanin expression in lymphogenic metastases of head and neck cancer
Lauer, Anna-Christina; Khoo, Andre Boo Shern; Goon, Patrick Kin Young; Goon, Peter Kin Cho; Sudhoff, H: Comparative analysis of tumor growth of periocular und non-periocular basal cell carcinomas
Linxweiler, M; Schmid, W; Körner, S; Bochen, F; Wemmert, S; Smola, S; Lohse, S; Wagner, M; Schick, B: HPV status as predictive biomarker in head and neck cancer – which method fits the best for outcome prediction?
Ludwig, S; Rist, M; Theodoraki, Marie-Nicole; Giebel, B; Lang, S; Rotter, N; Jablonska, J: Stage-Dependent Exosomal Protein Expression of PD-L1 and FasL in Head and Neck Cancer (HNC) Patients
Lübbers, K; Pavlychenko, M; Wiegand, S; Dietz, A; Zebralla, V; Wichmann, G: Age-dependant outcome in EXTREME-regimen – a factor to consider in palliative chemotherapy?
Messow, Helen Josephine; Mittmann, P; Decker, L; Seidl, R: Simultaneous appearance of subcranial intrajugulare Glomus tumors and hemangioma
Mytilineos, D; Fürst, D; Tsamadou, C; Mytilineos, J; Theodoraki, Marie-Nicole; Döscher, J; Schuler, P; Brunner, C; Hoffmann, T; Laban, S: HLA-Allele-frequencies differ between patiens with head neck cancer (HNSCC) and healthy controls and between HPV-positiv and HPV-negative HNSCC patients
Nguyen, J; Aderhold, C; Lammert, A; Rotter, N; Hörner, C; Schell, A: Initial manifestation of a diffus large B-Cell-Lymphoma of the paranasal sinuses
Oberste, M; Göttker, Philipp Donatus; Simon, F; Rudack, C: Role of PD-L1 expression in sinonasal cancer
Pilavakis, Y; Beutner, D; Leu, M; Bremmer, F; Netzer, C; Rödel, R: Head and neck carcinoma of unknown primary: diagnosis, management and treatment outcomes in 102 patients
Pöttler, M; Holler, A; Eckstein, M; Haderlein, M; Rappl, A; Alexiou, C: Extramedullary PlasmacytomaTumor Occurrence and Therapeutic Concepts – a follow-up
Priese, J; Hums, Anna-Bawany; Erler, T; Jansen, L; Dürst, M; Schmitz, M; Hansel, A; Guntinas-Lichius, O: Promising epigenetic biomarkers for improved detection of head and neck cancer by quantitative real time multiplex PCR in saliva samples
Reichel, C; Mittmann, L; Schaubächer, J; Hennel, R; Zuchtriegel, G; Canis, M; Gires, O; Krombach, F; Holdt, L; Brandau, S; Vogl, T; Lauber, K; Uhl, B: Excessive biological ageing of circulating neutrophils in HNSCC promotes tumor progression
Scheckenbach, K; Bister, A; Schulte, E; Hanenberg, H; Wiek, C; Wagenmann, M; Schipper, Jörg; Haist, C: Development of an EGFR-targeted CAR T-cell immunotherapy in head and neck cancer
Schmidl, B; Siegl, M; Winter, C; Boxberg, M; Jira, D; Heiser, C; Pickhard, A; Wollenberg, B; Wirth, M: Characterizing the role of NOTCH1 for the Squamous-Cell-Carcinoma of the Head-and-Neck
Schulte, E; Scheckenbach, K; Haist, C; Bister, A; Hanenberg, H; Wiek, C: CD44v6-targeted CAR T-cell therapy for head and neck squamous cell carcinoma
Shahpasand, S; Beutner, D: NUT midline carcinoma - a Case Report
Siegl, M; Seidl, C; Bruchertseifer, F; Morgenstern, A; Zissler, U; Multhoff, G; Wollenberg, B; Pickhard, A: In-vitro targeted alpha-particle therapy (TAT) with 213Bi-Cetuximab outperforms X-Ray irradiation independent of HPV status of HNSCC cell lines
Strüder, D; Momper, T; Irmscher, N; Liese, J; Schraven, S; Zimpfer, A; Junghanß, C; Frerich, B; Mlynski, R; Maletzki, C: Setup of a head and neck cancer biobank and patient-derived xenografts - Differential engraftment of surgical specimens and endoscopic biopsies
Tenschert, E; Kern, J; Jungbauer, F; Rotter, N; Lammert, A: Establishment of a 3D tumor model – challenges and advantages of co-cultured spheroids
Theodoraki, Marie-Nicole; Schuler, PS.; Laban, S; Brunner, C; Hoffmann, TK.; Whiteside, TL.: CD44v3 as a Biomarker of Tumor-derived Exosomes in Plasma from Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma Patients
Ugele, I; Singer, K; Wehrstein, M; Symeou, L; Dettmer, K; Kapsreiter, M; Bohr, C; Kreutz, M: Immunological and metabolic characterization in HNSCC
Uhl, B; Braun, C; Haring, F; Dominik, J; Mittmann, L; Canis, M; Reichel, C: Protection of the glycocalyx reduces myeloid leukocyte trafficking and tumor progression in experimental HNSCC
Vahl, Julius Malte; Döscher, J; Laban, S; Theodoraki, Marie Nicole; Greve, J; Hoffmann, TK; Schuler, PJ: Influence of the clinical care of head and neck cancer patients by the distance to the clinical center
von Fournier, A; Scherzad, A; Hackenberg, S; Hagen, R: Metastastatic basal cell carcinoma – A case report
Wald, T; Siemert, J; Kolb, M; Dietz, A; Zebralla, V; Fest, S; Wiegand, S; Wichmann, G: Comorbidity impairs tumor-specific survival of patients with advanced squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck-region
Weiland, T; Tomazic, Peter Valentin; Wolf, A; Brcic, L; Pondorfer-Schäfer, P; Vasicek, S; Holzmeister, C; Kiss, P; Graupp, M; Thurnher, D: DRH1 – Evaluating a blood-based marker for HPV16-induced tumors
Widmann, M; Gires, O; Baumeister, P; Canis, M: Second and Third Harmonic Generation Imaging of Head and Neck Cancer
Wilhelm, C; Grein, H; Hackenberg, S; Kleinsasser, N; Scherzad, A: Proliferation of epithelial tumor cells in presence of human mesenchymal stem cells
Wirth, M; Vossenkämper, Kim-Aylin; Boxberg, M; Feigl, K; Wirth, M; Johnson, F; Siegl, M; Wollenberg, B; Pickhard, A: Are there immunohistological differences between cervical CUP syndrome and oropharyngeal carcinoma?
Zhi, Y; Serfling, S; Buck, A; Gerhard-Hartmann, E; Scherzad, A; Hagen, R; Hackenberg, S: Investigation of head and neck tumors with 68Ga-FAPI, the new radiotracer
Betz, CS.; Laban, S; Wittekindt, C; Stromberger, C; Tribius, S; Klußmann, Jens Peter; Budach, V; Münscher, A; Busch, Chia-Jung: Trial in Progress: Comparative Effectiveness Trial of Transoral Head and Neck Surgery followed by adjuvant Radio(chemo)therapy versus primary Radiochemotherapy for Oropharyngeal Cancer (TopROC)
Fehn, A; Ezic, J; Brunner, C; Theodoraki, Marie-Nicole; Döscher, J; Schuler, P; Greve, J; Marienfeld, R; Koretz, K; Hoffmann, T; Laban, S: Abundance of immune checkpoint molecules and their ligands in Oropharyngeal Squamous cell carcinoma (OPSCC) depends on HPV status and can be modulated by demethylation.
Haider, Stefan Philipp; Mahajan, A; Zeevi, T; Forghani, R; Kann, B; Judson, BL.; Burtness, B; Sharaf, K; Reichel, C; Baumeister, P; Payabvash, S: Devising novel imaging biomarkers for Human Papillomavirus (HPV) status in oropharyngeal squamous cell carcinoma (OPSCC): applying radiomics and machine learning algorithms
Hoffmann, Anna Sophie; Busch, Chia-Jung; Rieckmann, T; Betz, C; Jagodzinski, A; Viarisio, D; Pawlita, M; Waterboer, T: Analysis of HPV 16 early protein antibodies and identification of patients at high risk for HPV-driven oropharyngeal cancer in the prospective cohort of the Hamburg City Health Study
Hoffmann, M; Quabius, Elgar Susanne; Brandt, P; Heinrichs, A; Kühnel, André; Laudien, M; Mlynski, R; Hoppe, F; Ambrosch, P: HPV-DNA and -RNA in tonsils, sputum and tonsillar swabs of patients with tonsillar hyperplasia (H), chronic tonsillitis (CT) and tonsillar squamous cell carcinomas (TSCC)
Künzel, J; Beltz, Anna Katharina; Zimmer, S; Stauber, RH.: Extracapsular growth in HPV positive oropharyngeal cancer
Netzer, C; Witte Paz, H; Weigert, A; Beutner, D: Examination of lymphatic metastasis of oropharyngeal carcinomas by Phenoptics
Pondorfer-Schäfer, P; Vasicek, Sarah Marvis; Karakitsiou, M; Weiland, T; Graupp, M; Wolf, A; Strasser, A; Moser, U; Holzmeister, C; Wild, D; Brcic, L; Thurnher, D: C-reactive protein as prognostic marker in patients with p16-negative vs. p16-positive oropharyngeal squamous cell carcinoma
Rudhart, Stefan Alexander; Langen, P; Thangavelu, K; Geisthoff, U; Birk, R; Stuck, Boris Alexander; Hoch, S: Clinical impact of CYFRA 21-1 as a marker for treatment failure in patients with oropharyngeal cancer and primary radio(chemo)therapy
Stöhr, Matthäus; Mehlhorn, S; Oeser, A; Dietz, A; Gaebel, J; Cypko, MA.: Development of a treatment supporting system for oropharynxgeal carcinoma
Weiss, BG.; Anczykowski, Mahalia Zoe; Canis, M; Ihler, F; Kitz, J; Jakob, M: Prognostic impact of additional HPV-typing in p16-stratified advanced oropharyngeal squamous cell carcinoma
Würdemann, N; Siefer, O; Pucknat, V; Klußmann, Jens Peter; Hübbers, C: Analysis of TP63 splice variants in OPSCC in accordance to HPV status
Jakob, M; Mattes, L; Canis, M; Weiss, BG.: Importance of microRNAs as potential biomarkers for oral carcinoma
Obermüller, T; Hofmann, Veit Maria; von Bernstorff, M; Pudszuhn, A; Prigge, Elena-Sophie: Meta-Analysis on the diagnostic significance of p16INK4A and HR-HPV DNA in identifying HPV-driven oral cavity cancer