Category: Special Issue dedicated to Prof. Sarah Reisman, recipient of the 2019 Dr. Margaret Faul Women in Chemistry Award

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Issue 22/2021

Lam, Heather; Abel-Snape, Xavier; Köllen, Martin F.; Lautens, Mark: Recent Advances in Transition-Metal-Free (4+3)-Annulations
Ryan, Jonathon S.; Schindler, Corinna S.: Total Synthesis of Mycocyclosin and the Herqulines
Tien, Chieh-Hung; Trofimova, Alina; Shao, Wenjie; Yudin, Andrei K.: Synthesis of Borylated Hydrazino Acid Derivatives
Kasim, Johanes K.; Kavianinia, Iman; Bull, Matthew; Harris, Paul W. R.; Smaill, Jeff B.; Patterson, Adam V.; Brimble, Margaret A.: Fourth-Generation Analogues of the Anticancer Peptaibol Culicinin D: Probing the Effects of Hydrophobicity and Halogenation on Cytotoxicity
Wienhold, Sebastian; Fritz, Lukas; Judt, Tatjana; Hackl, Sabrina; Neubauer, Thomas; Sauerer, Bastian; Bach, Thorsten: Studies towards the Synthesis of (–)-Pulvomycin: Construction of the C12–C40 Segment by a Stereoselective Aldol Reaction
El Khoury, Anton; Seidler, Paul M.; Eisenberg, David S.; Harran, Patrick G.: Catalytic Synthesis of PEGylated EGCG Conjugates that Disaggregate Alzheimer’s Tau
Caldora, Henry P.; Govaerts, Sebastian; Dighe, Shashikant U.; Turner, Oliver J.; Leonori, Daniele: A de novo Synthesis of Oxindoles from Cyclohexanone-Derived γ-Keto-Ester Acceptors Using a Desaturative Amination–Cyclization Approach
Davis, Christopher W.; Bingham, Tanner W.; Okumura, Mikiko; Sarlah, David: Dearomative syn-1,2-Diamination of Benzene and Naphthalene