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Epstein, Danny; Vishnepolsky, Andrey; Bolotin, Gil; Atweh, Nardeen; Bonstein, Lilach; Lehavi, Amit: Effect of Prolonged Hypothermic Cardiopulmonary Bypass, Heparin, and Protamine on Platelet: A Small-Group Study
Yamamoto, Tomohiro; Mishima, Takehito; Shiraishi, Shuichi; Saito, Takeshi; Schindler, Ehrenfried: Ensure an “Ultrasound Window” on the Patient's Neck to Evaluate Cerebral Blood Flow!
Chamogeorgakis, Themistokles; Moquin, Kenneth; Simoff, Michael; Nemeh, Hassan: Repair of Bronchial Anastomosis Following Lung Transplantation
Gorki, Hagen; Nakamura, Julia; Kunert, Andreas; Hoenicka, Markus; Liebold, Andreas: Pericardial fluids or Cardiopulmonary Bypass—Is There a Major Culprit for Changes in Coagulation and Inflammation?

Issue 07/2021

Issue 06/2021

Bellini, Alice; Dell'Amore, Andrea; Ferrigno, Pia; Sella, Nicolo'; Navalesi, Paolo; Rea, Federico: ECLS for Life-Threatening Complications in Mesothelioma Surgery: Is It Worthwhile?
Amore, Dario; Caterino, Umberto; Casazza, Dino; Imitazione, Pasquale; Bergaminelli, Carlo; Massa, Simona; Curcio, Carlo: Postoperative Bronchopleural Fistula: A Conservative Way of Treatment in Selected Cases

Issue 05/2021

Cho, Jeong Su; Ahn, Hyo Yeong; Kim, Yeong Dae; I., Hoseok; Eom, Jung Seop: Applying Fibrin Glue under Pleurography for Intractable Secondary Spontaneous Pneumothorax

Issue 03/2021

Issue 01/2021

Michel, Sebastian; Witt, Christian; Gottlieb, Jens; Aigner, Clemens: Impact of COVID-19 on Lung Transplant Activity in Germany—A Cross-Sectional Survey

Issue 06/2020

Issue 04/2020

Smelt, Jeremy; Pontiki, Antonia; Jahangiri, Marjan; Rhode, Kawal; Nair, Arjun; Bille, Andrea: Three-Dimensional Printing for Chest Wall Reconstruction in Thoracic Surgery: Building on Experience
Agrafiotis, Apostolos C.; Etienne, Harry; Le Roux, Marielle; Mazzoni, Lucia; Giol, Mihaela; Debrosse, Denis; Assouad, Jalal: A Single-Center Experience of Osteosynthesis Material Infection after Rib Fixation for Blunt Trauma

Issue 03/2020

Issue 08/2019

Issue 07/2019

Issue 06/2019

Issue 03/2019

Steimer, Desiree A.; Hernandez, Omar; Mason, David P.; Schwartz, Gary S.: Timing of ECMO Initiation Impacts Survival in Influenza-Associated ARDS
Fiorelli, Alfonso; Messina, Gaetana; Santoriello, Carlo; Santini, Mario: Endobronchial Ultrasound for Benign Tracheal Stenosis

Issue 02/2019

Shoji, Fumihiro; Katsura, Masakazu; Haratake, Naoki; Akamine, Takaki; Takamori, Shinkichi; Takada, Kazuki; Toyokawa, Gouji; Okamoto, Tatsuro; Maehara, Yoshihiko: Surgical Repair of Pleuroperitoneal Communication with Continuous Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis

Issue 01/2019

Issue 07/2018

Calafiore, Antonio Maria; De Filippo, Carlo Maria; Totaro, Antonio; Pelini, Piero; Mauro, Michele Di: Full Orifice Patching without Annuloplasty for Severe Functional Tricuspid Valve Regurgitation

Issue 05/2018

Karabulut, Ramazan; Turkyilmaz, Zafer; Sonmez, Kaan; Basaklar, Abdullah Can: Conservative Treatment with Octreotide to Provide Early Recovery of Children with Esophageal Perforation

Issue 04/2018

Issue 02/2018

Issue 07/2017

Welk, Blayne; Winick-Ng, Jennifer; McClure, Andrew; Dubois, Luc; Nagpal, Dave: Cardiac Surgeons after Vacation: Refreshed or Rusty?

Issue 06/2017

Kik, Charles; van Valen, Richard; Mokhles, Mostafa M.; Bekkers, Jos A.; Bogers, Ad J. J. C.: Atrioesophageal Fistula after Minimally Invasive Video-Assisted Epicardial Ablation for Lone Atrial Fibrillation
Madjarov, Jeko M.; Katz, Michael G.; Poole, Brad; Madzharov, Svetozar; Fedor, John M.; Robicsek, Francis: An Extrapericardial Minimally Invasive Approach for Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator

Issue 04/2017

Rustenbach, Christian Jörg; Wachter, Kristina; Franke, Ulrich Friedrich Wilhelm; Baumbach, Hardy: Expanding Surgical Opportunities: Endoscopic Harvesting of the Vena Saphena Parva in Supine Position

Issue 03/2017

Mosala Nezhad, Zahra; Poncelet, Alain; Fervaille, Caroline; de Kerchove, Laurent; Gianello, Pierre: Experimental Aortic Valve Cusp Extension with CorMatrix in a Porcine Model
Zhong, Yonglong; Zhou, Yifan; Jiang, Lingyu; Lin, Hui; Li, Xiangwei; Wen, Zhaoke; Long, Xiaomao; Luo, Jinlong: Modified Transsubxiphoid Thoracoscopic Extended Thymectomy in Patients with Myasthenia Gravis

Issue 02/2017

Issue 01/2017

Vodiskar, Janez; Kütting, Maximilian; Steinseifer, Ulrich; Vazquez-Jimenez, Jaime Francisco; Sonntag, Simon J.: Using 3D Physical Modeling to Plan Surgical Corrections of Complex Congenital Heart Defects
Fiorelli, Alfonso; Mazzella, Antonio; Accardo, Marina; Santini, Mario: Ultrasonic Technology for Management of Primary Spontaneous Pneumothorax

Issue 04/2016

Hata, Mitsumasa; Akiyama, Kenji; Orime, Yukihiko; Wakui, Shinji; Nakamura, Tetsuya; Shiono, Motomi: Less Invasive Quick Open Stenting using a J Graft Open Stent for Distal Arch Aneurysms

Issue 03/2016

Issue 07/2015

Tagawa, Tetsuzo; Morimoto, Junichi; Yoshida, Shigetoshi; Yoshino, Ichiro: Sarcomatous Components May Predict Prognosis in Patients with Pulmonary Pleomorphic Carcinoma

Issue 06/2015

Issue 07/2014

Schulz-Stübner, Sebastian; Schorer, Cornelia; Ennker, Jürgen; Bauer, Stefan; Schaumann, Reiner: 72 Hours Standby Time of Wet-Primed Cardiopulmonary Bypass Circuits: A Microbiological Quality Assurance Study

Issue 05/2014

Kneidinger, Nikolaus; Winter, Hauke; Sisic, Alma; Preissler, Gerhardt; Neurohr, Claus; Czerner, Stephan; Weig, Thomas; Dolch, Michael; Uberfuhr, Peter; Schramm, René: Munich Lung Transplant Group: Waiting List during the First 9 Months of the Lung Allocation Score Era

Issue 05/2012

Matt, Peter; Arbeleaz, Emilio; Schwirtz, Goetz; Doebele, Thomas; Eckstein, Friedrich: Low-Volume, Single-Shot Crystalloid Cardioplegia is Safe for Isolated Aortic Valve Replacement

Issue 04/2012

Issue 03/2012

Issue 01/2008

Issue 06/2005

Melloni, G.; Casiraghi, M.; Ciriaco, P.; Puglisi, A.; Libretti, L.; Bandiera, A.; Sayed, I.; Zannini, P.: Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy and Pneumonectomy in a Lung Cancer Patient on Hemodialysis
Yokusoglu, M.; Savasoz, B. S.; Baysan, O.; Erinc, K.; Gunay, C.; Isik, E.: Primary Chylopericardium

Issue 05/2005

Zimpfer, D.; Schoder, M.; Fleck, T.; Holzenbein, T.; Cejna, M.; Lammer, J.; Wolner, E.; Grabenwoger, M.; Czerny, M.: Successful Type II Endoleak Closure by Subclavian-to-Carotid Artery Transposition After Stent-Graft Placement of a Distal Aortic Arch Aneurysm

Issue 04/2005

Issue 03/2005

Aleksic, I.; Piotrowski, J. A.; Kamler, M.; Massoudy, P.; Jakob, H. G.: Heart Transplantation and Consecutive Mitral Valve Replacement
Flörchinger, B.; Rümmele, P.; Lehane, C.; Schmid, F. X.; Birnbaum, D. E.: Mitral Prolapse Caused by Lymphangioma
Dilege, S.; Toker, A.; Tanju, S.; Bayrak, Y.; Kalayci, G.: Resection of the Tracheal Carina in an Eight-Year-Old Child: A Case Report

Issue 02/2005

Chieng, S. Haw-Han; Lin, C.-H.; Lu, M.-J.; Hung, C.-R.: Intracavitary Metastatic Hepatocellular Carcinoma of the Right Ventricle
Chen, F.; Fukuse, T.; Hasegawa, S.; Bando, T.; Hanaoka, N.; Kawashima, M.; Sakai, H.; Komeda, M.; Wada, H.: Living-Donor Lobar Lung Transplantation for Pulmonary and Abdominopelvic Lymphangioleiomyomatosis
Lemke, P.; Roth, M.; Szalay, Z.; Klövekorn, W. P.; Schönburg, M.: Non-Aneurysmal Inflammation of the Aorta in Combination with Aortic Valve Disease

Issue 06/2004

Issue 05/2004

Issue 03/2004

Watanabe, S.; Nakamura, Y.; Sakasegawa, K.; Kariatsumari, K.; Itoh, K.; Sakata, R.: Supraclavicular Approach Without Thoracotomy for Posterior Mediastinal Tumor

Issue 02/2004

Shiraishi, T.; Hirayama, S.; Hiratsuka, M.; Iwasaki, A.; Makimoto, Y.; Iwasaki, H.; Kawahara, K.; Shirakusa, T.: Mediastinal Solitary Fibrous Tumor: Report of a Case with Direct Invasion to the Trachea
Chi, N.-H.; Yu, H.-Y.; Chang, C.-I.; Lin, F.-Y.; Wang, S.-S.: Clinical Surgical Experience of Congenital Submitral Left Ventricular Aneurysm

Issue 02/2002

Hansky, B.; Güldner, H.; Vogt, J.; Minami, K.; Tenderich, G.; Horstkotte, D.; Körfer, R.: Coronary Vein Leads for Cardiac Pacing in Patients with Tricuspid Valve Replacement

Issue 05/2001

Issue 02/2000

Watanabe, M.; Yu, S.-K.; Sawafuji, M.; Kawamura, M.; Horinouchi, H.; Ikeda, E.; Kobayashi, K.: Experimental Lung Transplantation Using Non-Penetrating Vascular Clips for Anastomosis of the Pulmonary Artery

Issue 01/2000

Ogino, H.; Ueda, Y.; Sugita, T.; Matsuyama, K.; Matsubayashi, K.; Nomoto, T.; Yoshimura, S.; Yoshioka, T.: Treatment for Abdominal Aortic Graft Infection: Irrigation with Electrolyzed Strong Aqueous Acid, In-situ Grafting, and Omentoplasty
Prêtre, R.; Benedikt, P.; Turina, M. I.: Precise Adjustment of a Band on the Main Pulmonary Artery

Issue 03/1999

Mouton, W.; Fischer, G.; Striffeler, H.; Furrer, M.; Stettbacher, A.; Lardinois, D.; Ris, H. B.: Is the Function of the Serratus Anterior Muscle Disturbed Following Division During a Standard Thoracotomy?

Issue 01/1999

Milting, H.; Bartling, B.; Schumann, H.; El-Banayosy, A.; Wlost, S.; Rüter, F.; Darmer, D.; Holtz, J.; Körfer, R.; Zerkowski, H.-R.: Altered Levels of mRNA of Apoptosis-Mediating Genes After Mid-Term Mechanical Ventricular Support in Dilative Cardiomyopathy - First Results of the Halle Assist Induced Recovery Study (HAIR)
Däbritz, S.; Sachweh, J.; Tiete, A.; Engelhardt, W.; Bernuth, G. von; Messmer, B. J.: Experience With an Adjustable Pulmonary Artery Banding Device in Two Cases: Initial Success - Midterm Failure

Issue 06/1997

Westphal, K.; Martens, S.; Strouhal, U.; Matheis, G.; Lindhoff-Last, E.; Wimmer-Greinecker, G.; Lischke, V.: Heparin-Induced Thrombocytopenia Type II: Perioperative Management Using Danaparoid in a Coronary Artery Bypass Patient with Renal Failure

Issue 03/1996

Issue 01/1996

Issue 04/1995

Pavčnik, D.; Keller, F. S.; Cobanoglu, A.; Uchida, B.; Thiermanns, H.; Gabrijelčič, T.; Šurlan, M.; Rösch, J.: Transfemoral Intraluminal Stent Graft Implanted for Thoracic Aortic Aneurysm Transfemorale Implantation eines intraluminalen Stents bei Aneurysma der Aorta descendens
Babin-Ebell, J.; Schmidt, W.; Eigel, P.; Elert, O.: Aortic Bioprosthesis Without Early Anticoagulation-Risk of Thromboembolism Das Risiko thromboembolischer Komplikationen nach Bio-Aortenklappenersatz ohne frühe Antikoagulation
Chiu, I. S.; Lin, S. F.; Lin, C. Y.; Chu, S. H.: Direct Delivery of Cardioplegia to the Coronary Arteries During Arterial Switch Operation Einbringen von kardioplegischer Lösung direkt in die Koronararterien im Rahmen arterieller Switch-Operationen

Issue 05/1994

Watanabe, T.; Abe, T.; Tanaka, M.; Kajiyama, M.; Miyahara, K.; Suenaga, Y.; Tajima, K.: A Simple Surgical Atrial Septectomy for Complex Congenital Heart Disease Eine einfache chirurgische Technik der Vorhof-Septektomie bei komplexen kongenitalen Vitien

Issue 03/1994

Schwab, R. J.; Hähnel, J. C.; Paek, S.; Meisner, H.; Sebening, F.: Sternal Closure with Resorbable Synthetic Suture Material in Children Sternumverschluß bei Kindern mittels resorbierbarem synthetischem Nahtmaterial

Issue 06/1993

Chen, Y. S.; Chiu, I. S.; Wang, M. J.; Chen, T. L.; Huang, F. L.; Chu, S. H.: Tailored Syringes as “Bridging Skeleton” in Delayed Sternal Closure of Complex Congenital Heart Operation Provisorischer Sternumverschluß bei komplexen kongenitalen Herzfehlern mit Hilfe von angepaßten Plastikspritzen

Issue 01/1993

Barnard, S. P.; Maw, A.; Kvernaba, K.; Kulatilake, E. N. P.: Retrieval of Broken Left-Atrial Catheter Using a Rigid Bronchoscope Wiederauffinden und Entfernen eines gebrochenen linksatrialen Katheters mit Hilfe des Bronchoskops ohne Rethorakotomie

Issue 03/1992

Matsuura, A.; Sawasaki, M.; Yasuura, K.; Hoshino, M.: Modified Janke Net Technique for Exposure of the Circumflex Artery Modifiziertes „Janke-Netz“ zur Darstellung des Ramus circumflexus der linken Kranzarterie

Issue 02/1992

Amano, J.; Fujiwara, H.; Sugano, T.; Suzuki, A.: Modified Preservation of All Annular-Papillary Continuity in Replacement of the Calcified Mitral Valve Ersatz einer verkalkten Mitralklappe: eine neue Technik zur Erhaltung der annularen-papillaren Kontinuität

Issue 05/1991

van der Meulen, J.; van Son, J. A. M.; van Asten, W. N. J. C.; Skotnicki, S. H.; Lacquet, L. K.: Intraoperative Doppler Spectrum Analysis of Blood Flow in the Internal Mammary Artery Used for Myocardial Revascularization Intraoperative Dopplerspektralanalyse des IMA-Blutflusses im Rahmen der myokardialen Revaskularisation

Issue 06/1989

Martinez-Leon, J.; Carbonell, C.; Ortega, J.: A New Technical Approach For Retrograde Administration of Cardioplegic Solutions Eine neue Technik zur retrograden Infusion kardioplegischer Lösungen

Issue 03/1989

Lehmann, K. H.; Segesser, L. von; Müller-Glauser, W.; Siebenmann, R.; Schneider, K.; Lüscher, T. F.; Turina, M.: Internal-Mammary Coronary Artery Grafts: Is their Superiority also Due to a Basically Intact Endothelium? Ist das intakte Endothel mit ein Grund für die Überlegenheit des IMA-Transplantates?

Issue 02/1989

Fraedrich, G.; Weber, C.; Bernard, C.; Hettwer, A.; Schlosser, V.: Reduction of Blood Transfusion Requirement in Open Heart Surgery by Administration of High Doses of Aprotinin - Preliminary Results Erste Erfahrungen mit hochdosierter Aprotiningabe zur Fremdbluteinsparung in der offenen Herzchirurgie

Issue 01/1989

Lehtola, A.; Verkkala, K.; Järvinen, A.: Is Electrocautery Safe for Internal Mammary Artery (IMA) Mobilization? A Study using Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) Wie sicher ist die Mobilisation der Arteria mammaria interna (IMA) mittels Elektrokauter? Eine elektronenmikroskopische Untersuchung

Issue 06/1988

Hess, F.; Steeghs, S.; Jerusalem, C.; Braun, B.; Grande, P.: Implantation of 20 cm long Polyurethane Vascular Prostheses in the Femoral Artery of Dogs Polyurethan-Gefäßprothesen in einer Länge von 20 cm in Hunden implantiert - vorläufige Ergebnisse

Issue 04/1988

Jüttner, F. M.; Smolle, J.; Pinter, H.; Popper, H.; Friehs, G.: Solitary Coin Lesion in Patients with Malignant Melanoma: An Indication for Thoracotomy?

Issue 03/1988

Angelini, G. D.; Bryan, A. J.; Lamarra, M.: Refractory Supra-Ventricular Tachyarrhythmias due to Early Posterior Pericardial Effusion following Open-Heart Surgery Therapierefraktäre supra-ventrikuläre Tachyarrhythmien nach Eingriffen am offenen Herzen aufgrund eines frühen postoperativen Perikardergusses

Issue 01/1988

Schlosser, V.; Molina, J. E.; Spillner, G.: Nonreversed Saphenous Vein Grafts in Coronary Surgery Orthograde Implantation der Vena saphena in der Koronarchirurgie

Issue 06/1987

Kyösola, K.; Takkunen, O.; Maamies, T.; Sipponen, J.; Viljanen, T.: Bronchospasm during Cardiopulmonary Bypass - A Potentially Fatal Complication of Open-heart Surgery Bronchospasmus während extrakorporaler Zirkulation - Eine potentiell fatale Komplikation der offenen Herzchirurgie

Issue 04/1986

Palazzuoli, V.; Mondillo, S.; Angelini, G. D.; Breckenridge, I. M.; Kristodhullu, A.; Caniggia, A.: Myxoma of the Left Ventricle