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Stöckl, Yannick; Frey, Wolfgang; Lang, Johannes; Claasen, Birgit; Baro, Angelika; Laschat, Sabine: Asymmetric Organocatalysis Revisited: Taming Hydrindanes with Jørgensen–Hayashi Catalyst
Lanza, Francesco; Pérez, Juana M.; Jumde, Ravindra P.; Harutyunyan, Syuzanna R.: Lewis Acid Promoted Trapping of Chiral Aza-enolates
Wiegand, Anja; Wiese, Vera; Glowacki, Britta; Iovkova, Ljuba; Schirrmacher, Ralf; Jurkschat, Klaus; Krause, Norbert: GlucoSiFA and LactoSiFA: New Types of Carbohydrate-Tagged Silicon-Based Fluoride Acceptors for 18F-Positron Emission Tomography (PET)
Kurandina, Daria; Chuentragool, Padon; Gevorgyan, Vladimir: Transition-Metal-Catalyzed Alkyl Heck-Type Reactions
Schober, Lukas; Ratnam, Shahilan; Yamashita, Yasunobu; Adebar, Niklas; Pieper, Matthias; Berkessel, Albrecht; Hessel, Volker; Gröger, Harald: An Asymmetric Organocatalytic Aldol Reaction of a Hydrophobic Aldehyde in Aqueous Medium Running in Flow Mode
Sun, Alexandra C.; McAtee, Rory C.; McClain, Edward J.; Stephenson, Corey R. J.: Advancements in Visible-Light-Enabled Radical C(sp)2–H Alkylation of (Hetero)arenes
Radtke, M. Alex; Dudley, Caroline C.; O’Leary, Jacob M.; Lambert, Tristan H.: A Scalable, One-Pot Synthesis of 1,2,3,4,5-Pentacarbomethoxycyclopentadiene
McLellan, Ross; Uzelac, Marina; Bole, Leonie J.; Gil-Negrete, Jose María; Armstrong, David R.; Kennedy, Alan R.; Mulvey, Robert E.; Hevia, Eva: Alkali Metal Effects in Trans-Metal-Trapping (TMT): Comparing LiTMP with NaTMP in Cooperative MTMP/Ga(CH2SiMe3)3 Meta­lation Reactions
Blieck, Rémi; Perego, Luca Alessandro; Ciofini, Ilaria; Grimaud, Laurence; Taillefer, Marc; Monnier, Florian: Copper-Catalysed Hydroamination of N-Allenylsulfonamides: The Key Role of Ancillary Coordinating Groups
Karlinskii, Bogdan Ya.; Romashov, Leonid V.; Galkin, Konstantin I.; Kislitsyn, Pavel G.; Ananikov, Valentine P.: Synthesis of 2-Azidomethyl-5-ethynylfuran: A New Bio-Derived Self-Clickable Building Block
Ueda, Mitsuhiro; Maeda, Ayami; Hamaoka, Kanako; Sasano, Mika; Fukuyama, Takahide; Ryu, Ilhyong: Bromine-Radical-Mediated Site-Selective Allylation of C(sp3)–H Bonds

Issue 05/2019

Issue 01/2019

Grogg, Marcel; Hilvert, Donald; Beck, Albert K.; Seebach, Dieter: Syntheses of Cyanophycin Segments for Investigations of Cell-Penetration
Piccardi, Riccardo; Turcaud, Serge; Benedetti, Erica; Micouin, Laurent: Synthesis and Reactivity of Mixed Dimethylalkynylaluminum Reagents
Stopka, Tobias; Adler, Pauline; Hagn, Gerhard; Zhang, Haoqi; Tona, Veronica; Maulide, Nuno: Electrophilic Activation of Amides for the Preparation of Poly­substituted Pyrimidines
Endoma-Arias, Mary Ann A.; Makarova, Mariia; Dela Paz, Helen E.; Hudlicky, Tomas: Chemoenzymatic Total Synthesis of (+)-Oxycodone from Phenethyl Acetate
Nitelet, Antoine; Kairouz, Vanessa; Lebel, Hélène; Charette, André B.; Evano, Gwilherm: Continuous Flow Chlorination of Alkenyl Iodides Promoted by Copper Tubing